Yes, you do need an LTE survey. Here’s why.

Yes, you do need an LTE survey. Here’s why.

LTE Surveys for Enterprise Business

LTE connectivity is becoming increasingly important for doing business in the modern world. The birth of 5G creates a whole new world of connectivity options that increase the power of your networking capabilities. When establishing an LTE connection at an enterprise level, doing an cellular site survey is the key to successful WAN connectivity.

LTE surveys (or cellular site surveys) allow you to see for yourself which LTE carriers have the best coverage in any location of your enterprise. They let you compare pricing for each carrier. LTE surveys also ensure proper configuration of your WAN equipment, enabling networks to work optimally to keep your business online. Whether you want LTE failover options, or you’re looking for a pop-up network option, LTE connectivity needs to start with an LTE survey.

Read on to see why you do need an LTE survey before your implement an LTE solution.

1. Determine the best LTE carrier

When buying a house, do you buy the first one you see? Of course not. You shop around and look for the best option for your needs, factoring in price, space, location, etc. It should be the same for your LTE solution! Doing an LTE survey allows you to quickly identify which carrier has the strongest signal for each of your business locations. You can deploy these surveys for a new store location looking to set up service, or an existing location that needs optimization.

Once you find out which carrier offers the best signals, you can compare that against cost.

2. LTE Surveys Let You Choose your Price

After the survey shows you which carriers cover your area, you can assess them based on service and cost of that service. Doing an LTE survey gives you insight to let you be in control of pricing terms that work best in your budget. If you can get the same signal but at a lower cost, would you do it? Of course you would. LTE connectivity isn’t a one size fits all solution, especially when dealing with multiple enterprise locations across the country or world. Cell signals obviously differ by location. Choose the best one for each location and get price transparency along with it.

3. Proper WAN Equipment Set Up

Good coverage is nothing if your WAN equipment isn’t set up for optimal signal strength throughout each enterprise location. Instead of placing the WAN equipment in a dark corner closet of your facility and hoping the signal is strong enough, get an LTE survey! Technicians will test the signal strength throughout each facility and install the WAN equipment configured for the best possible coverage and visual aesthetics. Placement is important, and stashing your WAN set-up in a storage closet with low signal strength isn’t doing anyone any favors. Let the LTE survey tell you where to put your equipment.

4. Versatility and Flexibility

LTE signal is great for fulfilling a variety of wireless needs. Day-one connectivity can be achieved with LTE signal. Pop-up networks are a great use of LTE. They allow you to conduct business outside the four walls of your site. LTE failover is where LTE capability really shines for enterprise. When your network goes down, LTE automatically kicks in, which saves you from losing revenue and customer satisfaction.

Comm-Works is an LTE Site Survey Industry Leader and Expert

Comm-Works has been conducting LTE surveys for clients for over 10 years. Our vast network of technicians enables us to complete these surveys wherever you need them. LTE survey results are comprehensive and help you save time, money, and headache in enabling proper WAN setup. Whether it’s a new store/site location setup, or an existing store looking for an enterprise wireless solution, Comm-Works can help.

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