2 Top Wireless Network Installation Planning Tips

Wireless Network Installation

2 Top Wireless Network Installation Planning Tips

What is Enterprise Wireless Network Installation?

A successful enterprise-level wireless network installation starts with a solid design. IT leaders need to take into consideration the importance of having the right amount of access points as they plan their wireless network installation, ensuring they create a scalable solution that will meet growing demand.

Wireless network requirements and equipment change at a rapid pace; for enterprise wireless solutions, it is important that a thorough plan is in place to guarantee longevity for your enterprise wireless network installation and deployment.

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Network Installation Arts Crafts Retailer

Network Installation for Large Arts & Crafts Retailer

Two tips to think about before your wireless network installation

1. Understand all the network requirements and limitations of your devices

It is highly important to know the network requirements and limitations of your devices, knowledge that is essential for any wireless network installation (i.e., knowing how many users and devices will be utilizing the networks, as well as the performance requirements for the types of usage.)

Whether your wireless network installation goals revolve around your POS Systems Installation, Mobile Device Management, or Audio Systems Installation, it is important to take note of these details to have a good idea of how the entire process will play out as you move forward with the installation.

Remember that the performance of the network will not just depend on the internet connection or the equipment independently of eachother. The utilization of each piece of equipment on the network collectively will drive the wireless networks limitations. Some of those limitations may keep your organization from achieving the functionality required.

Network Installation Automotive Retailer

Network Installation for an Automotive Retailer

In 2019, we see most networks designed to allow policies around BYOD (bring your device), with each device experiencing a different response to the network. The IT within each device will determine how it can receive and send signals to the access points as well as the quantity of information that is going back and forth.

Each device will have separate needs depending on which industry you are in and the IT needs of your organization. Many locations will require hundreds of employees and customers to wander around the building, and each employee or customer will always expect to stay connected for their tasks.

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Additional device limitations relate to the number of standards for wireless and the bandwidth throughput in place, etc. Some devices, including mobile phones and new-age laptops, are subject to limitations concerning the bandwidth throughput in which they can access.

These limitations make it vital to ensure an overall understanding is in place with your organization’s equipment and the specific work that you expect to have done before investing in a top of the line internet connection or an expensive wireless network solution.

Network Installation Deployment Pharmaceutical Retailer

Network Installation & Deployment for Major Pharmaceutical Retailer

2. Choosing the right wireless network equipment for your organization

After establishing the wireless network requirements, you’ll have an easier time finding the right access point technology, but the vast number of manufacturers to choose from will still provide a challenge.

With multiple options on the market, many wireless experts continue to become overwhelmed in the decision of picking the perfect access point technology for each of their locations.

It is important to identify the “Multiple Input, Multiple Output” idea, which is also known as MIMO. MIMO refers to an antenna technology for wireless communications, stating the usage of numerous antennas for the transmitters and receivers. With MIMO, you’ll have the answer to how well the access points are sending and receiving signals.

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The variety of the “access point” that is necessary will have a lot to do with the surrounding environment in the building as well as your spending restraints. Experts will recommend using updated models that will support 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards at a minimum.

Other recommendations would be using models which can detect Wi-Fi interferences and correct itself, as well as having the ability to support numerous connections within a busy environment.

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A fast and secure wireless network is crucial for all organizations while ensuring that the high-speed and reliable connection is available to all users at each location.

Having the level of expertise in-house to ensure a successful wireless network deployment can become too cumbersome for growing businesses.


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Network Installation Department Store

Network Installation for National Department Store Chain

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