ATM Installation & Maintenance Services

The infrastructure your customer expects and the connectivity you need

If you want to meet your customers needs, it is important to make ATMs widely available. Successful ATM deployment poses significant challenges regarding location, infrastructure, physical security, regulatory compliance and directives on financial inclusion.

Preparing, deploying and managing ATM installations can be overwhelming, Comm-Works is here to help. We can provide your business with the network infrastructure and connectivity you need to keep pace with your busiest consumers.

ATM Deployment Solutions

Comm-Works’ ATM deployment provides complete services in a single source. Our domain expertise, broad reach, planning, and coordination with various vendors brings seamless efficiency to your business. As a service provider‚ your infrastructure, physical security, and regulatory compliance challenges are covered.

Robust Deployment Process
We support ‘deployment-on-demand’ with sites made live within a few days, even in remote locations. We leverage the power of analytics to identify strategic locations to maximize footfall and profitability.

Efficient Project Management
We set up an efficient project management structure that involves senior leadership, project and field teams of banks and our organization. Active multi-vendor coordination, innovative tools and service methodologies, industry best practices, and efficient project management capabilities.

Monitoring & Field Services
Our comprehensive services backed by skilled and experienced field teams result in dependable efficiency at lower costs of ownership. We can manage your ATM network on a 24×7 basis centrally and provide you field services to ensure your atm installations are always up and running.

Talk to our representatives to find out how atm installations and maintenance can work for your company.