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Network Installation Services

Seamless network installation services made easy

Network installation services require extensive IT project management management skills. You have to understand a vast array of technologies as well as the details of your business needs and the constraints of your sites. The process of aligning your IT infrastructure installations with your business goals is a very daunting and arduous one.

Comm-Works’ comprehensive methodology allows for seamless customization and standardization. For large and small sites alike, we offer ease and confidence when integrating new technologies into new and existing environments.

Our project managers oversee every detail of your IT infrastructure installation project. We meet your SLA requirements with on-site support in four hours or less everywhere around the globe. Our state-of-the-art Comm-Works Command Center (C3) gives you full visibility into ticketing, scheduling, communication, and servicing activity in real time for every aspect of your IT infrastructure installation.

Point of Sale Installation

The Comm-Works approach to mobile POS solutions starts by gathering your requirements and completing wireless site surveys. Our engineers create complete solutions, and our expert project managers develop a comprehensive plan for seamless network installation.

The presence of ATMs can greatly enhance the customer experience. Comm-Works can help you keep pace with your customers by providing these services as part of your IT network installation.

ATM Deployment Installation
Kiosk Installation

Information kiosks increase customer engagement. Comm-Works can help you successfully design, deploy and manage your kiosk installations IT infrastructure.

Enterprise-wide digital media deployment is an efficient way to deliver key messages to various target audiences across a large multi-site organization. You can also provide targeted and dynamic content that enhances each customer’s unique experience.

Digital Signage
Audio Systems

Whether your site is a retail store, a large or small corporate facility, or a sports arena, Comm-Works has the expertise and experience required to install crystal clear sound solutions.

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Wireless Services

Wireless Services

Wireless solutions designed to meet unique business needs

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works becomes part of your team so you can focus on what’s important

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