IT Infrastructure Services – Deployment & Management

Network Infrastructure

A comprehensive approach to a dependable network

Your network infrastructure design is a critical component of your success. Comm-Works delivers network solutions with the right technology for your business that meets your needs now and for many years to come.

Our team will conduct site surveys and network assessments to better understand your environment, then work with you to analyze and document a network infrastructure design that meets your specific configuration requirements and network management needs. These devices include:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Servers
  • Firewalls
  • Routers and Switches
  • Network Video Recorders (NVR)
  • Rack and Stack
  • Automation
  • DNS

Comm-Works will assess your current and future needs to ensure optimal configuration and sufficient uptime. We build the security safeguards you need, integrated into your network to keep vital data secure. We also build redundancy into your networks, because your IT infrastructure needs to keep working no matter what. Our IT infrastructure design comes with scalable architecture and room to grow with your future needs.

Routers and Switches

Perfectly Integrated Routers, Switches & Firewalls

You rely on your network to be secure and reliable, defending against attacks with a bulletproof firewall. Proper router configuration is an essential part of this. Comm-Works has the experience and expertise to help you upgrade or deploy routers successfully in a seamless and secure network. From device management to router configuration, we will make all of your locations around the globe work together with a cohesive security policy you can monitor 24/7.

Transformative IT Infrastructure Managed Services

Our Supportworks managed IT infrastructure services continually monitor your network infrastructure to ensure you’re always up and running. We can identify issues before they bring your network down and fix them remotely, or if necessary, have a tech on site in as little as four hours to get your location back up as quickly as possible. We focus on your day-to-day operations so you can focus on strategic IT projects.

Network Operations Center
Network Servers and Applications

Network Servers and Applications with Instant Connectivity

Arranging the shipment, delivery, and installation of servers from different vendors can be incredibly time-consuming. We are experienced with many configurations and options and perform the necessary driver and application installation off-site, so that it works right out of the box upon delivery to all of your locations, all around the globe.

Turnkey Rack and Stack Services

Rack and stack installation is more than just physically placing hardware; its necessary procedures are implemented to simplify ongoing technical support. A successful rack and stack installation has many benefits and ultimately saves IT teams from future challenges. The key to a successful rack and stack installation is to have a clear and concise rack design with systematically structured cabling and to have a clear documentation of all inventory and cable runs.

Racks and Stacks

Smart Automation

Replacing manual processes with network device configuration management tools to monitor and control the change prove to be powerful in the hands of network administrators. These tools provide an automated way of maintaining network configuration, offering an opportunity to lower cost, reduce human error and improve compliance with configuration policies.

Customized Assessment and Design

Throughout the evaluation and design process, our engineers will mentor and guide you through the process of analyzing your business and technical needs. Comm-Works will supply a complete scope of work for your wired and wireless network implementation, including time frame and project management details.

Network Assessment
Staging Configuration

Cutting-Edge Staging and Configuration Services

Before your equipment arrives on site, Comm-Works prepares the devices, assembles hardware, installs software, and configures routers and other devices to your specifications. Comprehensive testing assures that your network implementation works right out of the box and that your firewall is protecting you right away. All router configuration is done in advance and thoroughly tested.

Vibrant Imaging Network Video Recorders (NVR)

A NVR is a simple solution for increased physical security. Along with a broad range of remote access capabilities and analytical benefits. Serving three distinct areas of technology in the Physical Security space, we specialize in the installation of Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Intrusion solutions.

Network Video Recorders
Field Services

Carefree 24/7/365 Support and Global Maintenance

In the event of a system failure, our maintenance contracts keep you covered, complete with replacement parts. We have skilled technicians located across the globe, who will quickly resolve your issue right away. Comm-Works offers multi-channel support access which delivers fast, easy, and convenient work order methods. Depending on the urgency, Comm-Works can have a technician on-site in as little as four hours.

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