Business Alarm Systems

Business Alarm Systems

Defining the future protection of your organization with an integrated approach to business alarm systems

Your business needs to protect sensitive information, valuable merchandise or assets, hazardous materials, or customers and employees from potential risks. Business alarms systems are vital in keeping your business assets safe.

Comm-Works understands your unique security challenges and is here to help alleviate those risks. We will take the time to understand any environmental factors at each location when determining the best solutions for you. We provide centralized monitoring for quick action no matter where your sites are located around the globe.

Comm-Works can provide end-to-end intrusion alarm solutions from system design to deployment, post-install service, and maintenance.

A Unique Comprehensive Approach

Comm-Works’ business alarm systems contribute to a safe and secure environment for your customers, employees, and assets. Our industry expertise within the physical security space, allows us to incorporate your business objectives and state of the art industry-specific factors when designing your customized security project.

This includes:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Full-System Design
  • Manufacturer Support
  • Installation Services

Our comprehensive systems are tested before installation so that they work right out of the box with no downtime so that you can immediately be assured that your employees and assets are safe.

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Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works becomes part of your team so you can focus on what’s important

Talk to our representatives to find out how our business alarm systems can work for your company.