Access Control Solutions & System Installation Services

Access Control Solutions

Our comprehensive access control solutions allow your facilities to be monitored, managed, and controlled anywhere, anytime

Monitoring all your sites 24/7 is critical for security and reliability. Since you cannot be everywhere at once, you need a centralized access control solutions and installation that provide monitoring for all of your sites and environments. This would include basic on-site physical security of your assets, employee schedule verification, after hours protocol management, operations, and customer experience management.

Comm-Works will develop the access control solutions you need with the technology that works for you. Including door access systems based on RFID, biometrics, key cards, PINs, or any other technology that fits your business and monitoring needs.

Security with Network Access Technology

Comm-Works uses best-of-breed access control technologies to secure your people and your property. Our dedicated security staff has extensive experience in the access control industry, designing, installing, and maintaining a broad range of solutions with credentials ranging from simple magnetic strips to the latest smart cards and biometric devices.

With our high-quality systems, you can expect high-level performance and continuous innovation and change at a different pace than the industry has seen before. We reduce the burden of managing your access control system through our complete suite of global services, which includes the design, installation, and support of your access control system.

Comm-Works’ systems allow 24/7 control within one centralized command center, providing you the convenience and ability to manage multiple locations and function on the same access control system. Automatic alerts provide you with the capacity to override security locks from anywhere, anytime.

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Wireless Services

Wireless Services

Wireless solutions designed to meet unique business needs

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works becomes part of your team so you can focus on what’s important

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