7 Top Struggles Your IT Staff Encounters

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7 Top Struggles Your IT Staff Encounters

Core struggles your IT Staff is facing may be interfering with productivity.

The technology space is continually evolving, which can create a stressful environment for IT teams to ensure they are keeping up with the times. It is essential that you be aware of the areas that can cause struggles for your team to ensure profit and productivity are in-line with the goals of your organization. Some of the top struggles IT staff face include:

  1. Lack of Budgeting

There are a wide-range of responsibilities information technology departments handle, from creating updated and useful software to ensuring cyber security is well-maintained, and even critical software and maintenance services for the company. With a specific skill set needed for every IT department, it is essential to budget for the staff required to assist in meeting company goals, allowing each the ability to perform at top productivity and avoid being overwhelmed with technologies outside of their scope.

  1. Lack of Resources

Companies are lacking the digital resources needed to make things happen. With companies expanding their global reach and scalability, employees are expecting training on the newest platforms and digital tools to keep up, yet employers are not always living up to these expectations. When companies are unable to keep up with the digital transformation, IT staff struggle to stay motivated as they see competitors steps ahead of them. Companies that do not keep up with the newest resources needed for their team to thrive may have trouble keeping that team around.

  1. Inefficient Education Opportunities

Top IT professionals are encountering companies who fail to offer suitable training to ensure ultimate productivity. Employees have goals of advancing within the company and without the right preparation to keep up with changing times, they may not have the opportunity to reach these goals. With this lack of education, workers may end up having lower morale and result in low productivity and employee turnover within the company.

  1. A Very Complex IoT Network

IoT is a hot topic in changing technology trends, and IT staff is eager to have the knowledge needed to understand this complex network fully. There is a high volume of skills related to IoT, including expertise in infrastructure, development, project management, security, data, and business acumen. With such a vast array of topics, IT staff struggle to have the skills needed to keep up with this growth. As noted in our previous point, having adequate educational opportunities will improve employee’s comfort in these areas.

  1. The Impact of Seasonal Requirements

The retail sector is not the only venue affected by seasonal changes; IT companies also face structural challenges throughout the year. Accounting firms, for one, see a busy peak at the beginning of the year and require top IT support in preparation for the digital platforms needed to fulfill business goals. Online retail depends highly on efficient IT staff to ensure technical issues are keeping up with customer’s needs. Careful planning and strategic staffing are essential to make sure the struggles and stress levels of your IT staff are kept to a minimum.

  1. Growing Security Threats

Cyber Security challenges are at an all-time high, with many companies utilizing out-of-date technology and practices as well as under-educated staff. With these problems, companies are failing to understand the added risks they are facing, creating a stressful environment for IT teams. It is critical to ensure security practices are a top priority when budgeting the needs of the employees, to ensure they can perform to the expectations in place.

  1. The Digital Space is Accelerating Too Fast

Employees are struggling with digital transformation efforts, with updated technologies and the evolving customer experience upgrades, many organizations are not able to keep employees current with the required skills to keep up with this transformation. A few of the skills that tend to be lagging include personalized design/UX, cybersecurity/privacy, as well as the overall development of newer technologies.

There will continually be ongoing issues IT teams face while continuing to work toward organizational goals and provide the IT solutions needed to support growth. By preparing for these types of challenges, you may not only optimize productivity and longevity of employees, but your team will have the tools needed to ensure a positive impact on ROI.

In an article by CIO, Today’s Managed Services for IT, “More IT teams are turning to managed service providers to handle certain functions.” Transitioning to an MSP model can help an organization keep on track with the technology transformation at hand while alleviating some of the pressure points their IT staff is facing.

Check out how Comm-Works may assist with some of the stressful points noted above, in our video: Welcome to Comm-Works’ Managed Services.

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