Seven Reasons to Switch to SD-WAN

Switch to SD-WAN

Seven Reasons to Switch to SD-WAN

Why Switch to SD-WAN?

Keeping technology up-to-date in a world of emerging capabilities is essential. To ensure maximum productivity businesses have to manage an increasing number of platforms and systems.

Businesses are starting to adapt to these changes requiring them to deploy new services swiftly; this is leading to higher application acceleration and necessitates the need for superior network infrastructure. According to an article by Viptela, From Traditional to Software-Defined WAN, “the ability to deliver better application experience starts with the ability to recognize applications flowing through the network.”

SD-WAN is rapidly taking over as companies begin implementing these tools, providing success for those who have adopted the technology. Velocloud also makes A Case for Replacing MPLS with SD-WAN – “Increasingly, customers are choosing to eliminate their dependency on the established backbone and migrate to a full broadband dependent SD-WAN platform.”

Benefits of switching to SD-WAN include:

  1. Boosted Internet applications performance

Real-time performance and utilization information at your fingertips, with centralized management to ensure complete visibility and analytics.

  1. No more wasted bandwidth

A cost-effective way to add bandwidth for new applications, optimizing the current bandwidth in place.

  1. Effortless reporting for applications

A single-source dashboard for advanced monitoring solutions and analytics, providing reliable application insights.

  1. Outperformance of the old WAN solution

SD-WAN capabilities provide comprehensive end-to-end network solutions.

  1. Lower costs for connectivity

Less expensive and more flexible than a standard MPLS, providing more control within budget.

  1. Higher quality performance for critical applications

Problems are detected and resolved seamlessly, ensuring essential applications perform to your expectations.

  1. No more outages

There is no loss of traffic, as multiple paths are in place to ensure full coverage if another goes down.

With managed SD-WAN solutions, eliminating capital expenses and the need for costly cumulative support, businesses adopting the technology are quickly finding the benefits and capabilities they have been missing. Delivering flexible solutions like SD-WAN provides a massive opportunity for change, how is your business adapting to these changes?

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