Vendor/Carrier Management Services

Vendor Relationship Management

We’ll manage your vendors while you focus on your business

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud allows your team to pay for the resource usage you need with scalability and reliability across all your sites. However, as cloud technology replaces your IT infrastructure, there is the added challenge of vendor relationship management. This requires communications and professional management strategies developed for your specific needs.

Comm-Works has the relationships and experience to manage your portfolio of cloud vendors.

Single Point of Contact

Comm-Works understands the unique challenges of managing your cloud vendors and can leverage our relationships with hundreds of leading vendors including, Cisco, Fortinet, EMC and Juniper Networks on your behalf. Our experience and structure enable us to handle multiple sites simultaneously over more than 100 countries around the globe to quickly scale resources to meet your needs.

Contract Negotiation

Through our comprehensive vendor relationship management procedures, we will address all IT issues on your behalf to negotiate a vendor contract, which works for your needs and budget.

Proof of Concept

Comm-Works has extensive experience with vendor evaluation. Our team of experts will test the solution in your environment before the contract is signed.

24/7/365 Monitoring

We will focus on enhancing your cloud vendor performance, so you do not have to with our 24/7/365 management. Our team can assure the reliability and stability of your network.

Managed Services

Our Supportworks managed services will monitor the cloud applications running on your network to ensure maximum uptime for your business. We will identify issues and address them with the cloud vendor before they interrupt your business.

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Cloud & Managed Services

Cloud & Managed Services

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Unified Communications & VoIP

Unified Communications & VoIP

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Professional Services

Professional Services

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Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works becomes part of your team so you can focus on what’s important

Talk to our representatives to find out how vendor relationship management can work for your company.