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IT Project Management Services

The IT project management services you’ve been dreaming of

You know how difficult it is to find IT project management services that deliver. You have to juggle the partners, vendors, suppliers, and the increasing pace of technology advances which continually redefine the project.

You are far from alone. A study by McKinsey & Company showed that on average large IT projects run 45% over budget and deliver 56% less value than predicted.

Comm-Works’ IT project management experts understand this. Our process is built to streamline integration projects and manage every detail to meet your standards, expectations, and goals. The strategic approach will review each project’s overall objectives, timeline, responsibilities, and cost to guarantee the success of your project.


We are experts at global deployment, installation, and maintenance of a wide array of technologies. Our project methodology starts with the development of a customized project plan and schedule. This step is crucial to successful information technology project management.

Comm-Works’ Life cycle Management has been developed for IT teams to keep up with technology shifts, reduce their workload, and integrate with their existing IT framework to keep costs down. Our tools provide a real-time profile of infrastructure health and application dependencies that are traversing your IT infrastructure.

IT Lifecycle Management

An Extension of You

We build our team around your standards, expectations, and goals. Deploying and managing new technology involves many minor details and moving parts, which is why we ensure that you have a dedicated team that knows your locations to make sure that everything goes smoothly, on-time and on-budget.

This includes:

Dedicated Engineer or Solution Architect

Whether you have a technology in mind or want us to spec it out for you. We have the dedicated and knowledgeable staff to ensure your technology rollout is a successful one.

Dedicated Project Manager

Trying to coordinate a new technology deployment can be very difficult. Leave it to us. We have a dedicated staff that has been coordinating technology deployment for over 22-years. Let us make your technology deployment a success.


We know that you may already have a preference, which is why we stay product agnostic to be agile enough to maintain partnerships with all the leading technology companies. Making sure you have the best fit for your environment.

Over 20,000 Technicians

We have you covered. No matter where you are, we can make sure that your branch locations are covered. We follow a rigorous, plan and process ensuring that each of your locations are a success.

How does it work?

Learn more in these case studies from our clients:

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Comm-Works Process

Comm-Works Process

Comm-Works has developed a process to make sure your IT project is a success

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