IT Procurement Services

Information Technology Procurement Services

Coordination from acquisition to installation, we provide an optimized approach for all your procurement needs

Whether you need new technologies to provide the services your customers demand or need an upgrade to continue to drive digital business transformation, you know how stressful the IT procurement process can be. Efficient IT procurement takes careful planning and management.

Comm-Works has the experience and expertise to make the process as simple as possible every step of the way. These include requirement settings, contract execution, procurement, and distribution.

Here is how we can help design and implement your IT procurement processes:

Supply Chain Management

Detailed Supply Chain Management

Supported by our extensive relationships with major manufacturing partners, Comm-Works has experience managing IT procurement in complex, multi-site environments along the entire supply chain. This includes numerous business functions:

  • Raw material gathering
  • Manufacturer management
  • Transportation companies
  • Wholesaling and warehousing
  • In-house staff
  • Managed inventories

We also have extensive experience with tasks that contribute to moving IT products, such as quality control, procurement, and sourcing.

Experienced Procurement as a Service (PAAS) Support

Comm-Works has the experience to act as the procurement arm of your organization, to ensure your IT procurement is successful. This includes developing quality standards, financing purchases, price negotiation, buying, and inventory control. We handle every step to ensure a seamless, worry-free process.

Procurement as a Service
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Professional Services

Professional Services

Our professional services guarantee efficient operations and predictive service execution

Physical Security

Physical Security

Maintain the highest security standards for customers and employees

Wireless Services

Wireless Services

Wireless solutions designed to meet unique business needs

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works Overview

Comm-Works becomes part of your team so you can focus on what’s important

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