Reduce Security Risks with Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management

Reduce Security Risks with Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Monitor Apps, Software, and Devices Using Mobile Device Management (MDM)

As our world increasingly becomes driven by technology, there is an expectation of constantly being connected. The urgency to be informed and engaged online at all times is a driving force in the way people go about their daily business activities. To stay ahead of the curve, companies must find cost effective and secure ways to manage the increased demand on their mobile networks. Mobile device management software is a convenient, productive, and secure way to manage mobile devices.

As a centralized control center for IT, MDM allows the remote deployment of apps, software, and automatic device configuration updates. Heath Blobaum, Manager of Wireless Engineering at Comm-Works states, “All mobile clients can be monitored and controlled through one pane of glass. This is a convenient feature that relieves IT the burden of time consuming maintenance calls and it allows employees to stay up to date with new technology software.”

Businesses employing BYOD (bring your own device) programs can provide the freedom to work remotely, improve employee satisfaction and efficiency, relieve IT staff, reduce equipment costs, and save office space. BYOD programs allow business owners to maximize assets; however, there may be associated risks. These risks include exposure of information, poor performance, and unmanageability.

A primary benefit of using mobile device management software is increased security of information. Network Managers can log device usage, restrict web browsing, downloads, and application purchases. These restrictions prevent devices from being exposed to harmful virus carrying websites.

The modern business world has evolved, and increased mobility has employees making work phones a necessity. MDM software helps to maintain privacy policies and ensure confidential company information will remain secure.

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