RILA’s 2018 Retail Asset Protection Conference Was a Home Run


RILA’s 2018 Retail Asset Protection Conference Was a Home Run

Comm-Works Covered All of the Bases at the RILA Asset Protection Conference

Leaders from across the loss prevention industry came together for the 2018 Retail Asset Protection Conference, March 30th – April 2nd, to explore the latest AP trends, learn from one another, and find solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems. Comm-Works was there making waves in the AP community with a spring training for retailer’s themed event showcasing our physical security protection solutions.

Our physical security professionals were at the show discussing top trends in 2018:

  • Bridging the Gap Between IT and LP Departments
  • Electronic Security Coverage
  • Business Intelligence and Retail Analytics
  • Security Equipment Maintenance, Management, and Continuous Network Monitoring

2018 has been an exciting time for the entire retail industry. Learn more about RILA’s commitment to advancing the field of asset protection from their Senior Vice President of Retail Operations Lisa LaBruno here.

Much of the recap information has been referenced from RILA’s official conference page. To learn more about the conference, visit them online at #RILAAP

Connecting Asset Protection Professionals Day 1

The first day kicked off with RILA members participating in Asset Protection Leaders Council and Workplace Safety Committee meetings. These communities help drive RILA’s focus, not just for the conference, but for all their asset protection efforts.

Our team was there, sharing current industry trends and covering all of the bases in physical security.

Asset Protection Leaders Gathered To Learn More and Network

The first day continued with a pre-session to ask questions of, learn tips from, and network with conference steering committee members and RILA staff.

The conference concluded day one with a night of networking, drinks and light fare. The welcome reception was an excellent opportunity for AP professionals to connect with friends, old and new.

RILA’s Senior Vice President of Retail Operations Lisa LaBruno officially kicked off the 2018 conference on day two. “If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to mitigate total loss and positively impact your company’s bottom line; for leading practices to meet the new challenges you’re facing, you’re in the right place. – Lisa LaBruno”

Thanks to everyone who joined Comm-Works for the 2018 #RILAAP conference kickoff. March Networks and Comm-Works together offer forward-thinking video security and business intelligence solutions that help retail organizations improve operational performance and reduce losses. The show was a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about Comm-Works’ expert project management, service and support portfolio along with March Networks’ intelligent video solutions in-person.

“It was a valuable opportunity to meet and network with some of our current security hardware partners, most notably March Networks. - John Ringis, VP of Physical Security at Comm-Works”

Leadership In Action and Deep Dive Presentations Day 2

Rankin Gasaway, 7-Eleven’s Senior Vice President & General Counsel helped open the conference the keynote speaker, with a powerful presentation on the role of leadership in a time of tremendous retail change. “Leaders are not born, they are made. – Rankin Gasaway”

“Having the ability to participate in various educational sessions helps us better understand the issues and challenges our customers to face in today’s retail environment. - John Ringis”

With seven breakout tracks to choose from, attendees were able to attend sessions on hottest topics in AP, including inventory management, fraud prevention, data analytics, and more – from the practitioners themselves.

Check out a recent article covering inventory management basics, from Ray Jartjen, Director of Marketing at RetailNext | “3 Inventory Management Tips for Reducing Retail Shrink”

Retail TED-Talk Executive Short Takes

In short TED-talk style segments, attendees heard from Quinby Squire, Vice President, Head of Asset Analytics & Insights, CVS Health, Richard Peck, Senior Vice President, Loss Prevention, The TJX Companies, and Oscar Arango, Vice President, Assets Protection, Target on everything from company culture and leadership to AP best practices.

Keep an eye on our blog page for info on our upcoming Physical Security webinar, with special guest, March Networks. Coming in July!

Comm-Works and the Asset Protection Conference Day 3

RILA’s President, Sandy Kennedy kicked off day 3 with the morning’s welcome remarks. Over the past year, RILA charted a path for AP executives to enhance their own organizational efficiencies through education, research, benchmarking and innovation. RILA’s Retail Asset Protection Conference continues to attract the industry’s top leaders and offer an unparalleled program.

Bryan Everett, chief operating officer for Rite Aid Stores, opened day three with a great discussion on leadership and team development. Everett focused on the importance of being a humble leader and trusting in your team to get the job done. “Who you allow to be on your team is the greatest responsibility you have. – Bryan Everett”

“Times are changing, days of companies not making or providing a budget for loss prevention/asset protection are gone - companies are now engaged and understand just how important it is. The gap between IT and LP is closing, creating more opportunities for increased profits on both sides - theft, accidents, and violent crimes are now being looked at as top reasons businesses are implementing LP initiatives. The industry is now focusing heavily on integrating analytics with POS technology as a way of deterring and capturing the data needed for crimes. - Charles Bandemer, Account Representative at Comm-Works”

Access Control, Video Surveillance, Loss Prevention & Intrusion Detection

In an all-star panel featuring experts from retail, criminal justice, academia, and community, attendees learned about the most significant challenges facing the industry today and the role retailer’s play in our broader criminal justice system.

Check out our recent physical security solution blog series, covering access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems.

Retail Is For Everyone

In an energizing afternoon session, Robert Perkins, vice president of talent management for Foot Locker, challenged the audience to think differently about diversity and inclusion within their organizations. “Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. – Robert Perkins”

Breakout Session Highlights

Is your organization positioned to address digital risk? How is Walgreens tackling total retail loss with the help of prescriptive analytics? What can former retail employees who stole from their employers reveal about system vulnerabilities? These are just a few of the questions that were tackled throughout the breakout sessions on day three.

“Times are changing in Retail Asset Protection. The message was clear that AP and LP departments are shifting to a more customer-centric approach. Our customers are looking to leverage newer technologies and data to reduce investigation times and increase the value of their security systems. Businesses are pushing AP/LP resources to spend more time on the sales floor with the customer and improve departmental visibility to aid in the overall customer experience. - John Ringis”

With Comm-Works Your Physical Security Needs Are Covered

Comm-Works had all of the bases covered at the show to meet your businesses 2018 security goals:

Video Surveillance
Our services are built to cover the design, deployment, and post-installation, maintenance of analog, hybrid, or IP solutions. From hosted recording to premise base recording we have all of your surveillance needs covered.

Access Control Solutions
Secure your building locations ingress and egress with Comm-Works’ loss prevention and physical security programs. Expanding an existing system or installing new, we offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from simple Wi-Fi locks to the latest smart cards and biometric readers.

Intrusion Detection
Understand the latest intrusion detection technologies to protect assets and guard inventory when your locations are closed.

Did you miss us at the show? Interested in learning more about our all-star physical security services? Explore our overview page here.

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