Are Your Retail Sites Ready for the Demands of Mobile POS System?

Mobile POS

Are Your Retail Sites Ready for the Demands of Mobile POS System?

Mobile POS Improves Customer Experience

The scenario: A woman searching for the perfect wedding dress is standing in a dressing room with the sales associate. The moment she says “YES!” to the dress, the sales associate rings her up on her mobile device. No time for this fickle bride to second guess her decision and no waiting in a pesky line on what is supposed to be a fairy tale moment – win-win for the retailer and customer alike!

The outcome? Sales performance increases as well as the level of customer satisfaction. With today’s vast mobility options and increased demand, retailers are realizing the upside to mobile point-of-sale (POS) devices. Store associates are being armed with devices that allow them to secure the sale on the spot and their customers to avoid lines and have a more personal shopping experience. And what happens when consumer satisfaction increases? So do sales!

Consumer Demand for Mobile POS is Increasing

A recent report from Javelin Strategy & Research forecasts that the rapid growth and industry push for mobile POS will lead to $5.4 billion mobile transactions annually by 2018. Industry analyst, Aleia Van Dyke states that, “Today’s consumers are demanding more digitized payment options to enhance their in-store shopping experience.” So, we know there is a demand, but how do we execute the supply?

The simple answer to most would be, “arm our sales force with smart phones!” But the truth is, increasing the amount of mobile devices in a retail store results in an increased demand on the IT network. As retailers begin the migration to mobile POS they have many questions they must address.

  • What system best fits the demands of the site – now and into the future?
  • How many wireless access points are required?
  • Where do they need to be placed?
  • And another important question, how are we going to implement those changes?

The Comm-Works Approach to Mobile POS Solutions

At Comm-Works, we start by gathering those requirements and take it from there. We complete wireless site surveys to assess how the existing network will need to be adapted or what new network will need to be put in place. Our engineers work to create a complete solution and our expert project managers develop a comprehensive plan for installation. Utilizing our global network of certified technicians, Comm-Works ensures a seamless installation of the wireless solution.
The result? Mobile POS deployed to the retailer runs smoothly and effectively without any gaps in coverage. The customer demand for higher levels of service is met. Sales associates increase their sales and productivity on the floor. Retailers see improved performance and revenue from their stores. — The ultimate goal!

For more information on how Comm-Works can assist with your mobile POS initiatives, visit us today at or call us toll-free at (800) 853-8090. You can also connect with Comm-Works on our LinkedIn Page.

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