Before & After: Retail Data Center Remediation

Retail Data Center Remediation

Before & After: Retail Data Center Remediation

Businesses are constantly performing maintenance and making changes to their retail data center. It is for this reason that networks, servers, and switches are often a victim of time and eventually become disorderly and a high danger risk.

The primary function of a data center, also known as Main Distribution Frame (MDF), is to act as a reliable, scalable, efficient, and maintainable environment. The MDF acts as a centralized point that connects all network equipment and structured cabling within a facility. Among the telecommunications systems interconnected and managed by the MDF are point of sales systems, inventory, security cameras, and access control systems. The managing of these telecommunication systems is imperative to the success of businesses, thus it is crucial to have a well-kept and organized MDF.

Since 1902, this retailer, known for apparel and home furnishings, has grown to over 1,100 department stores in all 50 US states and Puerto Rico, establishing themselves as one of the nation’s largest retailers.

With their MDF system in chaos, Comm-Works was contracted to restore and create an MDF architecture that would support forward thinking and allow the ability to readily add cards, move circuits, upgrade software, and perform maintenance with minimal time and effort.

Reducing the risk of their MDF was a high priority for this retailer; however, the project was potentially disruptive to their day-to-day operations of the store. Comm-Works proved to be flexible in adhering to their needs. Based on the customer’s hours of operation, Comm-Works began MDF Redemption work on Sunday night two hours before the closing of the store and completed the *cutover by 8 am the next morning-allowing the store to open at its usual time.

Comm-Works consolidated several different generations of network upgrades which over the years had been placed in three different cabinets.

The depicted is only one of the MDF conversions. This project was duplicated and streamlined to 150 locations nationwide.

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