The Physical Security Solution Your Business Needs in 2018 [Video – Part 1]

The Physical Security Solution Your Business Needs in 2018 [Video – Part 1]

Your Organization’s Physical Security Solution May Be at Risk

Is your time being wasted while you wait for your security vendor and your IT vendor to finish the blame game? You’re not alone, your physical security solutions begin here.

Many organizations have been in the same position. With their access control systems down, video surveillance underperforming, and intrusion detection failures creating heightened risks, their organization has been set up for ultimate chaos. If only there were a way to manage all of these platforms with one reliable support structure, ensuring an organized and effective solution is in place. It’s your lucky day.

In this physical security solution blog series, we will provide you with the insights needed to make the best security decisions for your organization. With an overview of current industry trends in access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection, along with the common challenges and benefits in each area. You will move forward with a solution that will take your business to the next level in the security space, saving you the critical time you’re losing and help you begin focusing on the future success your organization is capable of.


Are Your Video Surveillance Systems Out of Commission?

Ensure your video surveillance solutions provide a clear view, maximizing your asset protection.

Whether it be cameras, monitors, or storage devices, there is an increased need for safety, fueling the market growth as a vital aspect across all verticals.

Healthcare, banking/finance, and retail, in particular, are seeing a higher demand for thermal cameras, stereoscopic cameras, and 180/360 cameras. The installation of these devices is expected to grow due to the increased spending for security and asset protection in the noted industries. The expanding safety concerns and regulatory compliances also play a significant role in driving the development of this segment.

You’ll find video surveillance across multiple platforms, including institutional, infrastructure, and commercial properties. The implementation of video surveillance has allowed increased safety which ultimately deters and reduces criminal activity across malls, franchise stores, hospitals, and banks. The financial industry, in particular, utilizes advanced physical security solutions around their commercial buildings, ATMs, and banks, which provides fuel in the industry as they continually implement safety features for their employees and customers.

Main Challenges with Video Surveillance Systems

  • Integration – aligning with current POS systems.
  • Operator fatigue – security officers may not be vigilant enough to monitor effectively.
  • Scale – the ability to upgrade all locations effectively.

Our partner, RetailNext, shares the importance of an enhanced video surveillance solution.

Top Video Surveillance System Benefits

  • Resolve cases faster with robust video management –
    Streamline evidence collection by easily viewing live and recorded video for any store from a single web-based interface. Save relevant clips to track suspicious in-store activity. Export data, watermarked video and other case details to the appropriate parties for follow-up and prosecution.
  • Pinpoint investigation of POS events tied to video –
    Identify risk early by reviewing individual transactions and POS events tied to video. Integrate with legacy Loss Prevention hardware already in place or deploy the latest hardware innovations. Easily migrate from analog to IP cameras.
  • Quickly track past security events –
    Observe recorded video footage to monitor alerts from EAS systems, ‘panic’ buttons, safe opening, keypad activity, office entrance and exit, door alarms and other security events.

In PART 2 of our physical security solution series, we will give you a clear view of the benefits and challenges of integrating video surveillance systems into your business. Stay tuned!

Access Control Systems

Do Your Access Control Systems Have Employees Stranded?

From basic proximity cards to the latest mobile credentials, it’s time for your access control systems to get your employees back in the door.

Access control plays a huge part in your physical security solution. As one of the fastest growing segments of physical security, mobile access control implementation is critical. As the demand for hardware continues to rise within the access control market, mainly in part to the increasing physical breaches, speedy automation & industrialization, and attacks within organizations across the world.

Main Challenges with Access Control Systems

  • Reliability – Ensuring your physical access control system is up-and-running at all times.
  • Security – Lack of confidence of potential vulnerabilities without 24/7 monitoring.
  • Mobility – Keeping company data secure inside, and outside, of the company.
  • Usability – Ease of use is important to ensure users implement effectively.
  • Flexibility – Ability to grow and scale with the needs of the organization.

Our partner, S2 Security, shares a few of the benefits included in a premier access control system.

Top Access Control System Benefits

  • Seamless Integration with Video and Other Enterprise Systems
  • Web-based Interface
  • Scalable System from SMBs to Large Enterprises
  • Customizable Monitoring Displays
  • Automated Administrative System Management
  • Event Management
  • Data Management and Reporting
  • Identity Management
  • Legacy System Upgrades
  • Fully Integrated with S2 Mobile and Cloud Technology

Check out our recent article diving deeper into benefits of access control for your business:

In PART 3 of our physical security solution series, we will give you in-depth access to the benefits and challenges of incorporating access control systems into your business. Stay tuned!

Intrusion Detection Systems

Do Your Intrusion Detection Systems Let Intruders Roam Your Business?

It is essential for your organization to incorporate end-to-end intrusion alarm solutions, from system design to deployment, post-install service, and maintenance. Intrusion alarms protect assets and guard inventory when your locations aren’t open, you must ensure you chose a dependable, fully functional, and carefully monitored platform.

The growing demand for physical security solutions has grown exponentially to ensure the safety and security of an organization is closely monitored, reducing the potential threat of intrusion.

Main Challenges with Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Ensuring the deployment is effective.
  • Having confidence in the reliability of the systems.
  • 24/7 Management of high volume alerts.
  • Investigating and fully understandings alerts.
  • Knowing how to respond to the threats at hand.

Top Intrusion Detection System Benefits

  • Personalized capabilities for detecting and stopping unwanted intrusions.
  • Layered security for improved system detection.
  • Accurately pinpoint the location of intrusion.
  • Ability to protect sensitive information, valuable assets, hazardous materials, and customers/employees from potential risks.

In PART 4 of our physical security solution series, you’ll be provided all of the information needed to protect your assets with a full overview of having intrusion detection systems securing your business. Stay tuned!

Put an End to Your Physical Security Solution Issues

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With our business intelligence security solutions, our network and device monitoring services ensure your hardware is online and functioning as designed. Our dedicated and tenured engineering, project management and customer service support teams make the assessment, design, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and lifecycle management of your physical security systems easy.

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Keep an eye out for parts 2, 3, and 4 of our physical security solution blog series:




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