Nine Road Blocks to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Road Blocks

Nine Road Blocks to Digital Transformation

Don’t let common obstacles get in the way of a successful digital transformation.

A seamless digital transformation is critical in driving innovation, ensuring an excellent user experience, workforce productivity and cost reduction. There are consistently new technologies and innovations that require a business to prioritize all factors as they build an ongoing digital transformation strategy.

Transforming the way we think about technology is key in overcoming the barriers that stand in the way of a seamless transition. These obstacles include:

  1. A shortage in resource investment

The standard digital spending for most companies tends to be restricted, which creates an obstacle in transforming platforms to include current trends.

  1. Lack of efficient operations

The ROI is not always clear for the technology upgrades that are needed, often making the argument for IT professionals a difficult one when aligning executives to the financial benefits of these new initiatives.

  1. Data overload

There is an excess amount of data being gathered within organizations which may create a major hurdle for many companies. With such a large quantity of data to review the data may not be refined properly, leaving room for costly errors.

  1. Poor application performance

With a large number of applications being deployed within organizations, the risk of poor performance and data security increases.

  1. Lack of document security

The security of data is of high priority today. Ensuring that the security teams are involved with the digital transformation from the beginning, drastically improves the results over time.

  1. Ineffective user adoption and change management

It is key for users to adopt changes as they occur, businesses must ensure the user feels confident in the changes through training, while monitoring the transformation to confirm a positive growth.

  1. Inefficient conservation and durability of documents

Integrity and longevity is essential for documents living in the digital world. As technology advances, conserving these documents to align with the digital transformation is key.

  1. Unclear perception for the experience of the end-user

There is a defiant gap in visibility for the end-user. With low insight in how they are being effective by change initiatives, it is vital to ensure proactive alerting is in place to stay ahead of the game.

  1. A gap between technology and people

It is vital to ensure organizations are nurturing innovation and keeping employees up-to-speed in the digital transformation. Continued education and advancement to unite people with new technology, provides for a more seamless transition. 

With these obstacles, the solution for businesses is to measure. To begin managing and improving, it is important to measure and benchmark the user experience currently in place and begin comparing changes when variations are made.

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