Managing IT Contractors is So Last Year

Managing IT Contractors

Managing IT Contractors is So Last Year

Spend Your Valuable Time on Customers, Not IT Contractors

Let’s face it; you’re busy, and as you ramp up projects you need to find IT contractors to cover all of your locations, all over the globe. Where do you start? Sourcing IT contractors presents a problematic management challenge when it comes to time, cost, security and loyalty of the individuals you are hoping will get the job done right. There has to be a better way.

Well, you’re in luck, there is. Many organizations are making the switch to managed IT services to ensure their projects are being handled on time and with the quality they are expecting. In an article from Network World, Managing IT contractors presents unique challenges; they note “Employers are relying on contractors in every aspect of IT.” Managing all these IT contractors requires you to spend time that you just don’t have.

As you read further, we tackle common areas of concern with managing IT contractors and the benefits that a single source managed IT services provider can bring to the table.

One of the most significant challenges is your time. As you open new locations or acquire others, you may not have the resources to source individual contractors to cover all of these locations. With a single source service provider, they take that time off your plate and turn it around quickly. With their wide array of national technicians that are proven, they will get the job completed, in the time frame you need it to be.

An obvious hurdle many organizations will face in finding the right IT contractors is the range of prices and add-ons they will have to deal with. Many technicians will vary in cost from one side of the country to another, and without knowing if they’ll get the job done, this can be a risk you do not have time to take. With a single source service provider, you will see a clear-cut cost structure with technicians that have the proper reputation you desire, to complete the project within budget.

Physical security is at the top of every organization’s mind these days. Letting a variety of technicians come into your organization and gain visibility of highly confidential structures, relays a concerning security risk to your organization. Having a single source service provider with a network of technicians they already use, and trust releases a lot of the paranoia that comes along with managing IT contractors.

How do you find top technicians in the various areas your projects are taking place? Along with creating a timely process as we mentioned earlier, this also brings an additional level of stress as you research individuals who can cover the specifics of the project in place. As you utilize a single source managed services provider, you will find they already have technicians with the skills you need, taking the stress out of the search. 

So there you have it, you spend the time and money to source the contractor you feel confident in to get the job done. Now comes the real test, will they complete what they say they will in the time you need? Alternatively, even at all? Don’t take the risk of hiring an untrustworthy technician, utilize a single source managed service provider to ensure the job gets done as you are told it will be, and without unwanted surprises.

In closing, it’s obvious how a change from standard IT contractor management will improve business efficiency. Take the time to explore your options now, so you don’t have to down the road.

Is single source managed IT services the right move in getting your IT contractors under control? We think so. Check out the value our services will add to your company and make the switch today. With over 20,000 technicians, we have you covered. No matter where you are, we can make sure that your branch locations are covered. We follow a rigorous plan and process, ensuring that each of your locations is a success.

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Marketing Content Specialist at Comm-Works

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