Managed Wi-Fi: Creating a Seamless Online to Store Experience

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi: Creating a Seamless Online to Store Experience

Technology is always advancing, and the importance of integrating your store with your online retail environment is growing. Consumers have set new expectations regarding their shopping experience, forcing retailers to change and adapt to these needs. According to Janet Groeber of the National Retail Federation, “85-90% of industry sales are generated by physical stores and 65% of customers start that physical store experience online.” Offering a robust and interactive experience with managed Wi-Fi increases engagement and is driving customers into stores with a much higher intent to shop.

Wireless in a retail environment has become an expectation, one that enhances the customer experience, while also providing retailers insight about customer behavior. When someone enters your store, they immediately check for Wi-Fi. This is the new reality, and if it’s not available, retailers risk providing their customers with a negative experience. Consumer’s attitude about the store might change or divert their attention to comparable stores with a readily available Wi-Fi connection. Providing Wi-Fi to your guest is part of their instore experience. According to Graham Charlton of Econsultancy, “At least 44% of all age groups say that the availability of in-store Wi-Fi influences where they shop.”

Using managed Wi-Fi in a retail environment connection allows customers the convenience to connect to your website for additional options, or browse for available deals. This will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Integrating a wireless network in your retail store gives insight into where customers shop, what devices are used, and their purchase history. Business intelligence allows retailers to make educated decisions regarding customer preferences resulting in improved sales and better customer engagement levels. Utilizing this information gives retailers the opportunity to further integrate their customer’s online to in-store experience, making it as seamless as possible.

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