Managed IT Services and Maintenance Support for Radisson Hotel Group

Managed IT Services and Maintenance Support for Radisson Hotel Group


Radisson Hotel Group is one of the largest and most dynamic hotels groups in the world. With seven unique hotel brands, they have more than 1,400 hotels around the globe. The brand provides accommodations for a wide range of travelers and budgets, a true host delivering memorable moments for guests and partners.


When Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) made the change from a premise-based hotel reservation solution to a cloud-based solution, RHG was challenged to install and support a new high available network seeking 24x7x365 monitoring, management, and maintenance of the Wide Area Network, and the network devices.

RHG had a long term relationship with two fully managed MPLS providers supporting RHG worldwide; however, neither provider was able to provide the requirement of a diverse WAN solution with automatic failover and device maintenance. Because they were unable to deliver a “high available” solution.

This was when Comm-Works entered the picture.



Comm-Works developed the solution.

In the beginning, to meet the needs of RHG’s MPLS needs, Comm-Works worked with a 3rd MPLS vendor, and Comm-Works offered the management of the MPLS router.

Comm-Works secured, sourced, configured, and managed a UTM device, to provide the highly available network that the incumbent providers were not able to deliver.

It was the combination of a new MPLS vendor with Comm-Works management, along with the managed UTM device that created an SDWAN solution before SDWAN was a term. Comm-Works did this by utilizing the new MPLS network along with the Guest ISP circuit.

Comm-Works was transparent and flexible in the partnership to ensure that RHG had everything they needed.



The challenges that RHG have faced over time have helped mold the solutions that Comm-Works can provide. An example of one of these challenges is clear when RHG had a location where a single switch in each hotel room delivered all voice, video, and data services to the guestroom.

They called on Comm-Works as a trusted source and technology partner to help in a refresh of over 220 switches within the building, in which Comm-Works took on to free up time for RHG’s IT team. RHG procured the switches and sent them to Comm-Works’ engineers to bench and configure them and send them back to the site.

The partnership has matured with additional services added, upgrading the primary guest internet and 4G failover, utilizing two internet circuits and adding a tertiary cellular connection with Cradlepoint.

RHG has experienced an added sense of reliability in its technology initiatives, with the move to 4G being a significant upgrade for the organization’s guest satisfaction. With Comm-Works remote management, they can access the devices at each location to ensure they are always functioning at the highest level.

Comm-Works helped RHG migrate out of two data centers as well with over 300+ connections. RHG did not have the staff to do it. With Comm-Works’ staff augmentation solutions, their team has time to make the business better while Comm-Works takes care of the day to day initiatives.

With the added time to their days spent on higher value items, RHG can identify an issue, source the issue, design the implementation to fix it, and then hand it off to Comm-Works to deal with. Instead of looking backward, they can look forward.



The managed network Comm-Works has matured to include a 4G WAN option as Comm-Works optimized the WAN network from MPLS to broadband ISP services. This refresh includes a 3rd WAN option ensuring high availability.

Comm-Works is now supporting 500+ sites across North America and continually expanding across the RHG organization.

Radisson Hotel Group now utilizes Comm-Works Help Desk Outsourcing solutions to proactively manage the outages and repair any failed devices to ensure the network or network devices are running smoothly for them.

The services include 24/7 NOC support, device support, and maintenance, as well as ISP support monitoring and management.
Comm-Works looks at the relationship as an extension of the Radisson Hotel Group and has truly become part of the team.