PCI Compliance

Retailers have access to and even collect confidential customer payment card information, whether in stores, through mobile devices, via the Internet, or over the phone. Without the proper security measures, this data may be vulnerable to unauthorized access and use, putting your business at risk of audit and fines from the card issuers and consumers at increased risk of identity and financial theft.

As an expert in multi-site, retail deployments, Comm-Works offers a number of services designed to help your business meet the standards called for by the payment card industry. We offer:

  • Comprehensive service packages to ensure that you meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).
  • Assessment and design of integrated solutions to keep data flowing smoothly and securely.
  • Secure staging services to manage and track sensitive devices such as a pin pad to protect them against unauthorized access before installing, post deployment, or when being repaired or replaced.
  • Implementation and project management services to deploy solutions to all of your locations quickly and consistently.

Comm-Works is able to source, install, upgrade and configure software and hardware required to become PCI compliant. We maintain certifications and partnerships with key industry players such as Cisco, Microsoft and Verifone. We provide end to end solutions with PCI compliance in mind. In fact, we recently replaced 7,000 PIN pads, across the country, in just 10 days.

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