Business Analytics

As advancements within the technology industry continue to become more accurate, Business Intelligence & Analytics are becoming increasingly important. Business Intelligence & Analytics enable raw data to be transformed, it into meaningful and useful information. This information is used by businesses to identify, develop and explore new opportunities for improvement.

Key data collection points include:

  • People Counting
  • Traffic and Sales Conversion
  • Queue Analytics (Wait Times)
  • Display Effectiveness
  • POS Exception Reporting
  • Guest WiFi

Additional inputs may come from:

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Business Performance Management
  • Benchmarking (KPI’s)
  • Text Mining
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics

By using Business Intelligence & Analytics businesses able to take a pro-active approach to business growth and customer satisfaction. Comm-Works understands how your systems integrate. In addition to ensuring the infrastructure of each of your locations can support your system, Comm-Works, stages, configures, deploys, installs, integrates, and provides project management for all of these services, so that you can better manage your customers and stores. With Comm-Works you can:

  • Maximize the profit per customer
  • Address under performing stores and employees
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Ultimately increase Sales

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