Wireless/Data Network



One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is keeping their workforce connected throughout their facilities and beyond. IT personnel are expected to design and build wireless networks that support business-critical applications while providing a high level of security that users have come to expect from a wired network.

Comm-Works collaborates with its clients to analyze the long term wireless needs of their business, whether that includes wireless data or voice. Upon completion of the business analysis, Comm-Works performs a pre-installation survey - one of the most important aspects of an accurate wireless design.

Turn-Key Wireless Solutions
As an Adtran, Aerohive, Airtight and Cisco partner, Comm-Works eliminates the challenges of keeping your internal staff trained and current on new wireless technology support, tools and standards. Comm-Works is well positioned to provide a turn-key wireless solution that will meet and exceed the needs of your enterprise. Comm-Works will procure the wireless equipment and complete the equipment configuration in its state of the art Logistics Center. Utilizing its vast global partner network, Comm-Works has the resources and necessary expertise to complete the physical installation no matter if the wireless installation takes place in a standard office environment or involves a wireless bridge that connects remote locations.

Quality Assurance
To ensure the wireless LAN installation is successful, Comm-Works completes a Post-Installation Passive Analysis. This analysis is conducted at the location, following the wireless LAN installation, and provides an overview of the entire deployed wireless LAN in a production environment. This analysis allows for the discovery of any required changes or design improvements.

Following the Post-Installation Passive Analysis, Comm-Works provides a written Post-Installation Report that contains an explanation of the analysis performed and provides validation that the wireless LAN has been deployed successfully.

On-Going Support
With a vast global partner network of qualified technicians spanning over 100 countries, Comm-Works is available to provide on-going support and maintenance. This immense network enables Comm-Works to handle multiple sites simultaneously, over a global geographic area and quickly scale field resources to meet our clients’ needs.

Wireless Brochure

Data Network

Comm-Works’ approach to the data network is centered on the ability to provide customers with the products, resources and support to keep their entire enterprise connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Business users expect to be able to interconnect devices across a local and wide area network and they expect the use of this technology to allow them to improve or enhance their business. Additionally, network equipment deployed today is expected to support the evolving network and application requirements of tomorrow including the secure delivery of video, voice, wireless and data to a widely distributed organization.

Comm-Works, Data Cabling Companies, has the expertise to properly design, install and support a functioning network that not only allows communication throughout the enterprise, but it is also adaptable, resilient and secure.

Relationships with the industry’s leading network equipment manufacturers, including Adtran, Cisco, Brocade and Transition Networks enable us the flexibility to provide you with the resources and information you need, when you need it.