Electrical MAC

ElectricalComm-Works eliminates the technical and logistical challenges that exist when supporting various electrical needs throughout multi-site enterprises. Our resources have the expertise to deploy and maintain products from key manufacturers including Liebert, APC and TrippLite.

We utilize qualified technicians that not only speak your language, but also understand local ordinances and adhere to the National Electrical Code. This allows you to reduce the number of vendors needed to deploy new technology while still getting effective and prompt deployment of power and power protection throughout your enterprise.

While deploying new technologies at your locations, Comm-Works can manage the installation of electrical outlets. This allows you to place the equipment where you want it and not where the available power outlets dictate. We can provide the proper equipment, including UPS’s and generators, to protect equipment against power failures and surges.

Comm-Works offers a complete suite of energy services including:

  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Lighting and Conversion to Energy Efficient Solutions
  • Refrigeration
  • Electrical Moves, Adds & Changes