Digital Media

Digital Media

When compared to traditional signage, digital signage is a low-cost substitute that increases operational efficiencies and customer experience. Brands are able to automate and remotely manage digital media within their store locations or grant each location the ability to readily change content on their own.

Digital Media allows brick-and-mortar locations to modernized touch points, thus improving customer experience. It is not only an efficient method for delivering key messages to targeted and dynamic audiences, but it is proven to be incredibly persuasive. It enhances the customers experience and increases customer engagement, resulting in more traffic and sales.

Comm-Works has the expertise and experience required to install and maintain impactful video solutions within retail stores, large corporate facilities, and sports arenas. We listen to the customer’s needs and offer them a solution with maximum flexibility and convenience.

  • Video Display Systems: Digital signage, interactive signage, flat panel displays, menu boards, message boards, electronic white boards, video conferencing, projectors, and drop screens (electronic or manual)
  • Overhead Paging Solutions: Self-amplified systems, central-amplified systems, IP paging systems, and hybrid systems
  • Sound Masking Systems
  • Sound Systems

An interaction solution designed, installed, and supported by Comm-Works allows you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your audience.