Video Surveillance

With hundreds of millions of dollars lost annually, corporations worldwide are using video surveillance as an important tool to aid in asset protection, loss prevention, slip/fall protection, and to gain business intelligence to stay ahead of the competition. Comm-Works video surveillance services, provides a solution that increases your profit. Our industry expertise and experience within the surveillance space, allows us incorporate your business objectives and understand various industry specific factors that must be considered when discussing and designing a video surveillance system.

Based on the customer’s needs, we act as a consultant to identify the best solution. Our engineers are experts in video surveillance system assessments and design. We not only listen, but bring up possibilities that our customers may not have thought of, such as managing the system remotely or the validation of alarm systems. Comm-Works solutions include:

  • Analog/IP/Hybrid
  • Server and Cloud Based Recording and Storage
  • Video Analytics
  • POS Integration
  • System Monitoring
  • Systems “health-checks” and maintenance through Comm-Works Assurance

Comm-Works is confident that our surveillance services will increase your profitability by reducing internal and external theft, changing employee behavior and productivity, reducing liability, and increasing your business intelligence.

IP Video & Security