Staging Services

Comm-Works Staging Services makes the logistical, technical, and on-going management challenges presented in your multi-site environments effortless. With Comm-Works, the hassle of storing, staging, tracking, and deploying your IT-assets is eliminated.

Co- located with your secure storage, we ensure that your infrastructure is ready for rapid deployment and flawless performance, prior to shipping your equipment on site. This is completed by simulating your specific environment and confirming every element of your infrastructure is configured according to your specifications, updated, and tested.

Once your infrastructure is approved, your shipments are prepared for each destination. Preparing the package includes packing configured devices, labeling, palleting, step-by- step on-site installation directions, and shrink wrapping your shipment.

  • State-of –the-Art Distribution Center
  • Secure & Safe Inventory Storage
  • Reliable & Accurate Inventory
  • Packing, Shipping, and Tracking your Equipment Per Location
  • Staging and Configuration