New Store as a Service

new-store-as-a-serviceComm-Works is pleased to announce a New Store as a Service (NSaaS) model to make opening new locations a breeze. With our years of experience in support almost 1,000,000 retail locations worldwide, NSaaS offers the most common elements that any business needs to get started. Underlying NSaaS is a robust structured cabling fabric that connects all of the elements with the store. Layer on data and wireless communications to provide seamless access to employees and customers. Broadband service rounds out the foundation of NSaaS so that access is never a problem. The second tier of the NSaaS offer includes voice communications, access control and surveillance, digital signage and more. The top tiers of NSaaS revolve around Comm-Works value add, provide the IT Project Management Services that mean your stores will open on time and on budget.

NSaaS takes things one step further by ensuring that all new stores are built with compliance for PCI and HIPAA in mind. With almost daily news stories about hacking, HIPAA and PCI are increasingly important for you to protect your customers’ valuable personal information. Ongoing support services round out Comm-Works NSaaS to keep you focused on running your operations.