Financial Services

Most technology purchases have a lifespan between three and five years before they require an upgrade. With Comm-Works financial services you eliminate large capital expenses and abate annual spending peaks. Comm-Works financial packages allow you to create predictable monthly payments for technology and service, allowing you to invest in the best technology for your business without depleting your funds.

Our unique financial programs offer guarantees a consistent monthly payment that includes hardware and software upgrades throughout the life of your contract. Comm-Works extends your technologies lifespan by bundling in managed services ranging from simple oversight and Network Operation Center (NOC) services to full management including Move, Add & Change (MAC) work.

Comm-Works financial solution customizes invoicing and billing to fit your needs. We have the ability to consolidate technology and services into a single invoice for all of your locations or each individual location. We offer you control and flexibility to run your business or franchise the way that best fits your needs.