Retail Technology


Comm-Works is a single-source integration partner to thousands of retail locations in more than 120 countries. We understand that as a retailer today, you face some of the toughest issues ever. We recognize that each retailer has a unique and complex set of technological needs.

From the fundamental change in the way consumers shop to the greatly increased expectations for Omni-channel retailing, the implementation of the latest and greatest technology is now more important than ever before. As the world enters an era where digital consumerism controls the market, a retailer’s success is dependent on the ability to stay connected, current, and informed at all times.

Comm-Works has the ability to implement technology solutions and deployment services that will benefit you in a multitude of ways, while simultaneously decreasing your key business issues. Our technology has the ability to expand customer touch points and achieve customer service, increase staffing effectiveness and supply chain efficiency, aid in roll-out, increase in-store mobility, provide retail security and loss prevention solutions that result in the decrease of product shrinkage, as well as provide you with the latest PCI compliant products. Let Comm-Works be your one stop shop to success. We can offer you technology worthy of your brand.