Finance & Insurance


Data privacy and protection is of primary importance to every financial institution. Stop exposing yourself to security risks by using general contractors and equipment manufacturers for on-site installations and maintenance, who are unfamiliar with your bank’s established standards. Comm-Works has the expertise to deliver dependable and secure technology solutions to retail banks, insurance agencies, and financial institutions. We get to know your company and will do what it takes to ensure your protection.

Comm-Works hires trusted employees who are experts in their field and have undergone an extensive background check process. Comm-Works also meets the rigorous security compliance regulations for the world’s top financial service firms.

Comm-Works provides financial institutions with state-of-the-art data protection tools and technologies. Some of these technologies include exceptional cloud-based video surveillance and security systems, structured cabling, wireless data networks, access control, and POS payment systems.

Comm-Works customers can rest easy knowing they are protected by an exceptional company that will deliver unparalleled service to meet every institution’s security needs.