Technology Integration

Technology IntegrationAs time passes, technology systems eventually become obsolete, reach end-of-life (EOL), or need to communicate with other systems due to mergers and acquisitions. By collaborating with your company to conduct a needs analysis, Comm-Works develops a service lifecycle crafted to meet your company’s specifications. We ensure that the technology will properly integrate with your current legacy systems, while maintaining your critical business functions. This integration plan is then streamlined and duplicated across all of your company’s locations worldwide.

We understand that legacy equipment is a valuable investment and many companies want to get the longest possible working life from it. In the situation of mergers and acquisitions, Comm-Works will analyze your existing technology platforms and equipment in order to determine which systems need to be replaced to integrate with the desired system and which can remain being utilized. Upon this analysis Comm-Works either configure and integrate the current technologies and/or replace, integrate, and configure new technologies.