Strategic Staffing

Staff Augmentation

As an IT integration company, many of our clients need temporary reliable support for the duration of a project. Comm-Works Strategic Staffing Services allows clients to hire the necessary technical resources on an as-needed basis, all while removing the risks associated with hiring new part-time and full-time employees. The Comm-Works’ Strategic Staffing team is well-versed within the tech industry, and can find the perfect IT professional for your company. Our network is filled with skill sets that include network/data/telco engineers, desktop and help desk support, general IT support staff, and project managers.

Our Strategic Staffing Services are offered as an additional component to complement our clients’ current projects. With complete understanding of the scope of the project, their specific IT needs, and the company culture, we are confident that we can provide our clients with the perfect candidate.

By utilizing Comm-Works Strategic Staffing Services, clients see an immediate ROI by reducing the time and cost associated with hiring new employees.