New Store as a Service

New Store

New Store as a Service offers businesses a straightforward approach to opening new locations. As a well-established IT integrator, we have experience and expertise across all technology platforms. Around the globe, we have installed cabling, security systems, wireless, POS systems, and much more. Our processes are driven by proficient project managers, who oversee every project detail from evaluation to completion. Their aptitude to duplicate projects across multiple locations eliminates surprises for our customers and allows them to readily manage and support technologies within all sites.

It is for these reasons that Comm-Works is the primary integration partner for many businesses. While working with the customer, we build processes and installation manuals that complement their company standards and requirements. These documents dictate what technologies are installed, how they are installed, where they are installed, and the order in which they are organized within the Main Distribution Frame (MDF). By using Comm-Works, businesses know that they can quickly open and support new locations, as well as provide their customers with consistent customer experiences.