Hardware as a Service


Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a pay-as-you-go procurement model, similar to leasing or licensing. Comm-Works Haas is a logical choice for many customers because it eliminates the large capital investment associated with upgrading technology, alleviating many hardware headaches.

Operating with outdated technology equipment leads to increased downtime, poor productivity, and decreased revenue, leaving your company vulnerable to many security risks. HaaS is an economic method to maintaining state-of-the-art technologies in every location. Not only do our customers benefit financially by converting a large capital expense to a manageable and predictable operational expense, but they avoid technology depreciation.

Whether you need repairs, upgrades, devices at new locations, or wish to remove devices due to consolidation, our service provides 24/7 tech support. Our HaaS is scalable and has the ability to either grow or shrink based on your technology needs. Once returned to us, each device undergoes decommissioning which may include wiping of proprietary data, physical destruction, or recycling.