Franchise as a Service


The key to a successful franchise is brand consistency. Comm-Works Franchise as a Service (FaaS) was designed to provide franchisees with a predictable means of store maintenance and technology integration, while guaranteeing consistent infrastructure, technologies, cost, and support for every franchise location across the globe.

Comm-Works develops tiered technology solutions to meet the budgetary and functionality needs of each location. With FaaS, all locations receive the same technology, services, and pricing options, which can be purchased through a customized portal. This portal allows for ease and accessibility when ordering and implementing technology. Franchisee’s corporate online portal acts as an e-commerce store, offering approved technologies at a discounted price.

FaaS is not only beneficial for franchise owners, but also offers numerous advantages for the franchisor. By relying on a single integration company for all of your technology needs across the brand, franchisors can regulate and guarantee that all corporate technology standards are being met. Having this control ensures that the customer experience is uniform across all of the franchise locations. Additionally, the adoption rate for new technologies will be increased and can be visibly monitored via our service portal, known as the Comm-Works Command Center.