Decommission & Recycle

Decommission and Recycle

Comm-Works values environmental sustainability and believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to put back into the world what we take out. Comm-Works Decommission and Recycle Services focuses on increasing reusability and decreasing toxicity. Each year, we recycle thousands of pounds of electrical devices and wiring, which has had an annual growth rate of 36%. Additionally, we also offer our customers the option to donate their used devices to various non-profit organizations that we support.

Comm-Works collaborates with a multitude of specialized partners and has the expertise to correctly handle the removal, and if necessary, the disposal of IT equipment. We provide comprehensive services including refurbishment, re-sale, end-of-life recycling, and secure data destruction. As important as it is to properly install technology equipment onsite, we recognize that it is equally as important that the same equipment be properly decommissioned. If requested by the customer, we will provide them with a “certificate of destruction” detailing the services performed and confirming the software removal on their devices.

Comm-Works goes the extra mile at every stage of the technology lifecycle to ensure the safety and security of our client, as well as our environment. Don’t add to the problem, be a part of the solution. Have it done right the first time with Comm-Works.