Major Pharmaceutical Retailer

Executive Summary

Industry: Retail, Pharma
Technology: Cabling, Data Equipment, POS
Location: Woonsocket, RI
Number of Employees: 200,000
Business Challenge: Transforming and synchronizing all 700 new locations within an 8-month period.
Comm-Works Solution: Providing the services and overseeing all project management of deployment, installations, cabling, staging and configuring of all data equipment, POS systems, support and integration.
Business Result: The store integrations of all 700 locations were completed in less than 8-months.

Background Information

Filling one out of every seven retail pharmacy prescriptions in the country is no easy task. With more than 7,500 stores in 45 US states, as well as locations in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, this major pharmaceutical retailer is one of the largest in the country. Since 1999, this company has relied on Comm-Works as their technology Integrator ensuring all voice and data systems are synchronized, guaranteeing flawless transactions and identical processes from Anaheim, California to Albany, New York.

Comm-Works Solution

Based on the level of work and extensive capabilities exhibited by Comm-Works on previous projects the pharmaceutical retailer called upon Comm-Works to carry out the project. The framework of this project was to include deployment, installation, cabling, data equipment, POS, support, and integration services with complete project management over the course of the project.

To manage the complex operation, two Comm-Works project managers were placed on-site at the pharmaceutical giant’s headquarters to work alongside their IT team. Two additional managers were assigned to co-manage the project from the Comm-Works office. These two operational epicenters directed six field managers and more than 100 technicians for the duration of the 8-month period.

The area of the project pertaining to on-site work was completed in three phases. Phase one was the construction phase. This phased called for an evaluation and remodel of each location. It was necessary for Comm-Works to make significant rewiring and configuration changes to create the company’s signature look and feel nationwide. Phase two, the most critical of the three phases, was the overnight conversion of the stores from the existing to the new systems. To perform phase two in a swift and sound fashion, the IT equipment was initially configured in the Comm-Works Logistics Center. Finally, phase three involved setting up store managers, pharmacy, and front-end retail staff on the equipment and providing the appropriate training/support. To ensure all phases went according to plan, Comm-Works field technicians rotated from site to site resolving complications, ensuring that the universal quality standards were met.

To keep the project on-time and on-budget, daily meetings were held at the company’s headquarters as well as at Comm-Works’ office.

Business Challenge

Fueled by the desire to grow, this pharmaceutical chain acquired 700 new locations geographically spread throughout the United States. To ensure the success of the business combination, everything from customer record systems to point-of-sale (POS) terminals must operate identically. With systems and synchronization between all locations being of the utmost importance. In less than one year’s time, Comm-Works was required to deploy training systems and complete total systems conversions in all acquired stores.

Results & Value

Comm-Works was able to complete this enormous store integration in less than 8-months, delivering services beyond the customer’s expectations.

A key account manager at Comm-Works stated, “We’re only as good as our last job and anything less than 100 percent is unacceptable. With that standard in mind, we’ve developed a very long-standing, successful relationship with this customer.”

No doubt the pharmacy chain will continue to grow exponentially throughout the country. With its top-quality service and flawless execution, Comm-Works will continue to support this expansion – wherever it may be.

About Comm-Works

Comm-Works operates in a manner that removes the burden from the end customer. By offering all-encompassing services on a multi-site basis, the need to coordinate multiple services and projects at once is eliminated. With Comm-Works’ scalable and repeatable processes for all locations and expertise in project management, no project falls behind schedule or exceeds the budget. With 20,000+ Service Partner technicians worldwide Comm-Works has 24/7/365 support and on site capabilities in 4 hours or less.