Security Systems for Distribution Sites of Pharmaceutical Retailer

Executive Summary

Industry: Retail, Pharma
Technology: Door/Window Contacts, Motion Detectors, Glass Break Detectors, Panic Buttons, IP Cameras, Cabling, Network Video Recorders (Bosch)
Company Size: 8,600+ locations
Business Challenge: This retailer needed to create and install a secure environment for its storage facilities.
Comm-Works Services: Evaluation, Design, Project Management, Installation, Programming, On-Site Training, and Support Services
Comm-Works Solution: Comm-Works engineers, project managers, and technicians took every measure into consideration when creating and installing various security systems.
Business Result: This pharmaceutical retailer now has all of the necessary security precautions in place to secure its facility.

Customer Profile

Since being established in 1901, this retailer has grown to become the largest drug-retailing chain in the United States. It owns and operates 12 distribution centers located all across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands, Guam, and the District of Columbia to support all of its 8,600+ stores.

Business Drivers

Reducing the amount of unallocated controlled substances due to organized crime. Restrictive regulations and high costs of many pharmaceutical drugs have put the customer’s products at a high risk of theft. This retailer needed a solution that would secure its inventory while it was being housed in a storage/distribution facility prior to being shipped out to the individual store locations.

Comm-Works Security Solution

To date, Comm-Works has been contracted by this pharmaceutical retailer to create a solution for five of its distribution facilities. Each project had varying timeframes, dimensions, and environmental factors –unlike those of a retail location, that needed to be considered during the evaluation and design phases. Although each of these locations varied, the processes, devices, and Comm-Works team members working on these projects were kept consistent.

Key factors within the evaluation and design phase were:

  • Special Rooms
    • o Clean Rooms
    • Labs
    • Offices
    • Warehouse
  • High Ceilings 40FT - 80FT
  • Dimensions Ranged from 100,000 SQ FT – 1 Million SQ FT
  • Mezzanine Levels
  • High Equipment Counts

The Comm-Works engineering team involved with these projects were selected based on their expertise in security. The key to crafting a perfect security solution lies within the evaluation and design phases. By considering and assessing all possible scenarios, our Comm-Works team was able to determine areas of vulnerability for intruders and use that information to create an optimal solution. Using floor plans and the preliminary camera placement, the Comm-Works engineering team created an initial security design. Once the design was complete, an on-site survey was conducted by Comm-Works to better comprehend the lighting, environmental factors, and business requirements.

Testing against the preliminary design was completed at each project location. It was an important step within this project, because it ensured no detail was overlooked before beginning the installation phase. To guarantee that the design met the needs of the customer, Comm-Works reviewed and verified each entity of the design for potential vulnerabilities.

Due to the complexity and unique aspects of each location, it was necessary for multiple site visits to be coordinated by the Comm-Works project manager. The Comm-Works project management team maintained constant communication with the retailer to confirm and coordinate the schedule of the company, on-site manager, and the Comm-Works technician. Throughout the project, Comm-Works gave status updates and monitored the technician’s progress. The progress of the Comm-Works technician and the overall project was tracked and reported via Comm-Works online customer portal (C3).

Prior to the work being completed, the project manager had to ensure that the Comm-Works technician had all of the necessary resources for these specialty sites, as they varied in device quantities based on their size.

Cameras and Monitors:

  • (1-3) Network Video Recorders
  • (19-64) Installations of various models of IP Cameras
    • o Cabling
    • o Mounting, included various models and customers specifications
    • o Program & Name into HD Hybrid Recorder
    • o Focus
  • De-installation of existing camera systems
  • (1-2) Installations of Public Video Monitor
  • On-site Training & Network Cabling Test Results

Comm-Works worked closely with the retailer to ensure that the facility would be safe and protected from intruders entering by all means possible.

Intrusion Measures:

  • (10-43) Door/Window Contacts
    • o Overhead
    • o Wireless
  • (7-19) Motion Detectors
  • (7-17) Glass Break Detectors
  • (1-4) Sirens
  • (1-4) Panic Buttons
  • Network Module
  • Wireless Interface
  • Receiver
  • Surge Protector
  • Alarm Panel
  • Analog Phone Lines
  • On-Site Training

Results & Value

As a result of constant communication, each project has been successfully completed in a timely fashion. When there was a risk to one of the projects, Comm-Works sent out two members of the engineering team to ensure the project stayed on track. As a result of working together, this retailer can now rest assured that its inventory is safe prior to distributing its pharmaceutical products to its individual locations.

About Comm-Works

With a repeatable project management, deployment, and installation process for all of your locations on a national and global scale, Comm-Works is a one-stop solution for your IT needs. Comm-Works provides 24/7/365 support to over 150,000 customer locations. With 20,000+ technicians worldwide, Comm-Works can provide on-site support in 4 hours or less. Comm-Works is leveraging its all-encompassing knowledge of the IT industry to provide specialized security solutions. Comm-Works security solutions are built by analyzing the customer’s needs and environment to create the optimal solution.