Large-scale Deployment for National Drugstore Chain

Executive Summary

Industry: Retail, Pharma
Technology: Cabling, Bosch Security Camera
Company Size: 8,600+ locations
Business Challenge: Due to restrictive regulations on drugs with high abuse levels, thefts of CII drugs began taking place.
Comm-Works Services: Project plan, Deployment, Install, and Integration
Comm-Works Solution: Comm-Works added security cameras to this retailer’s existing network to capture the safe containing CII drugs.
Business Result: This retailer was able to readily implement a security solution when they began to experience security issues within their Texas locations.

Customer Profile

Since being established in 1901, this retailer has grown to become the largest drug-retailing chain in the United States. This retailer operates 8,600+ stores in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands, Guam, and the District of Columbia. Pharmaceutical products make up two-thirds of its sales.

Business Drivers

CII drugs (opiates, stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens) are severely restricted and regulated due to their high potential for abuse, leading to psychological or physical dependence. When thefts of CII drugs began to occur within this leading pharmacy Texas locations. Immediate action needed to be taken for the safety of their employees, customers, and the organized crime group.

Comm-Works Security Solution

With time being a major factor, Comm-Works was contracted to integrate a camera within the retailer’s existing network for footage visibility on-site and to a remote location. For this project Comm-Works had to complete 455 site locations in Texas within three months. For this to be possible, Comm-Works needed to utilize its deployment and project management skills.

The ability to streamline projects of this magnitude is a fundamental piece of Comm-Works’ foundation. First, a team of Comm-Works engineers with a focus on security was selected to determine the optimal placement for each camera to properly cover the Pharmacy CII safe. The second aspect of this project used the Comm-Works project management team that had been assigned to this retailer since its first project back in 1999.

By consistently having the same management team, the retailer became familiar and accustomed to the team members, thus better allowing Comm-Works employees to act as an extension of the customer’s company.

To ensure all areas of the project went smoothly from the arrival to the departure of the Comm-Works technician, the project management team:

  • Developed and distributed the Comm-Works installation manual to all technicians
    • This document is created on a number of pilot sites. The document takes into consideration numerous variables and ensures all sites are identical. This model allows for remote helpdesk support, avoiding dispatching technicians when unnecessary.
  • Developed and coordinated the installation schedule
  • Trained technicians in the standards and regulations of the customer
  • Scheduled technicians
  • Contacted sites prior to any on-site visit to confirm availability
  • Monitored the technician’s progress while on-site
  • Updated the customer’s point of contact for completion of installations
  • Distributed deliverables

Once on-site, a Comm-Works technician began the installation. This included:

  • Running cables to the current DVR system.
  • Mounting hardware, per customers specifications
  • Camera Installations per manufacturer specifications, to ensure product warranty is granted
  • Focusing Cameras

Before leaving the site, the technician received approval from the on-site contact and the remote location receiving the video footage.

Results & Value

Comm-Works has been working with this pharmaceutical retailer for 15 years. Its familiarity with the Comm-Works team helped allow this large deployment project to run rapidly and efficiently. Acting as an extension of the customer’s team, Comm-Works provided a secure environment for employees and customers by lowering the risk of robberies and increasing the ability to identify and prosecute the offender.

About Comm-Works

With a repeatable project management, deployment, and installation process for all of your locations on a national and global scale, Comm-Works is a one-stop solution for your IT needs. Comm-Works provides 24/7/365 support to over 150,000 customer locations. With 20,000+ technicians worldwide, Comm-Works can provide on-site support in 4 hours or less. Comm-Works is leveraging its all-encompassing knowledge of the IT industry to provide specialized security solutions. Comm-Works security solutions are built by analyzing the customer’s needs and environment to create the optimal solution.