National Dialysis Provider

Executive Summary

Industry: Healthcare
Technology: Voice, Help Desk, & Network Operations Center
Location: Denver, CO
Number of Employees: 46,000
Business Challenge: This healthcare provider was in search of a low-cost alternative to their w-2 support cent employees.
Comm-Works Solution: Comm-Works provided a 24/7/365 network operations center for all 2,000+ locations.
Business Result: The network operations center provided by Comm-Works enables this provider to save on the cost of salaries and benefits.

Background Information

This healthcare provider is the leader dialysis provider, throughout the United States and 10 various countries. Globally with over 2,147 outpatient dialysis centers, this provider has relied on the partnership between itself and Comm-Works since 2005.

Business Challenge

In search of a low-cost alternative for supporting 2,000+ clinics, this healthcare provider turned to Comm-Works to provide an outsourced 24/7/365 support center. After eliminating three positions of their help desk employees, it was critical to plan and execute an effective transition.

The Comm-Works Solution

To increase efficiency and streamline technical support, Comm-Works built a full-time internal team whose sole responsibility is to function as the network operations center (help desk) for all their dialysis centers.

“Comm-Works knows our business as well as anyone,” states the client project manager. They built a team around our business model, standards, and metric – delivering the seamless necessary for the success of this endeavor.”

As per the standard of the dialysis center, Comm-Works is required to provide a resolution to each existing issue within 72 hours or less. The ticket is continuously updated to ensure that information is accessible for the users. To remain diligent with this standard, Comm-Works developed a streamlined process to respond quickly and efficiently to the requests.

Once a help desk ticket is submitted, it is tracked and updated to ensure the user has access to the information as they need it. When handling a ticket Comm-Works will first attempt to resolve the issue over the phone. If the ticket entails a disabled phone line or connectivity issue, Comm-Works determines whether to send a technician to the client locations or route the request to the telecom provider. Once dispatched, the technician is on site in 4 hours or less.

Results & Value

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency are common goals within many organizations. To do so, more companies are beginning to outsource various departments, from human resources to customer service - and as Comm-Works continues to find - IT.

Within the year 2013, Comm-Works received and processed 5,500 tickets – 450 per month. In the cases it was necessary to dispatch a technician, on-site, Comm-Works was at the location in under 4 hours 95% of the time.

By outsourcing IT through Comm-Works, the national dialysis center not only reduced its expenses, but with streamlined help desk communication and processes also increased the efficiency of call routing and resolution of technical issues. Providing the client with full support was Comm-Works’ primary goal. The positive results and value come from a full-time, dedicated internal team at Comm-Works to ensure a smooth transition to outsourced IT. Maintaining the client’s expectations for response-turnaround and resolution speak to its success.

“Comm-Works collaborated with our organization throughout the entire transition,” states the client project manager. “We see Comm-Works as more than an outsourcing vendor—to us, they are a true partner.”

About Comm-Works

By offering all-encompassing services, Comm-Works is an established industry leader. With 20,000+ technicians worldwide Comm-Works provides 24/7/365 support and on-site capabilities in 4 hours or less. By managing a project from start to finish, Comm-Works ensures all projects are completed on-time and on-budget.