Strategic Staffing for Home Furniture Retailer

Executive Summary

Industry: Retail
Technology: Cabling, IT Support
Location: Houston, TX
Number of Employees: +2,230
Business Challenge: Using unnecessary resources to dispatch employees to their Data Center.
Comm-Works Solution: Find an onsite technician that can be on call for scheduled and unexpected maintenance.
Business Result: Our customer saves resources by no longer having to dispatch employees.

Customer Profile

Supporting over 700 stores in 23 states, this retailer is considered the second largest independently owned retailer in the country. It’s headquarters & IT department are located in Houston, TX, and support all 700 store locations.

Business Drivers

With their headquarters in Houston, TX and their data center located 3 hours away in Austin, TX, each time an employee was sent to the data center for scheduled or unexpected maintenance they expended unnecessary resources. Which equates to:

The loss of productivity/ postponed projects in Houston
Travel expenses for 2 days (each trip) i.e. gas, food & hotel

Staffing Solution

Comm-Works contracted an on-site technician with the specific certifications/requirements indicated by our customer. The technician that was chosen was committed to working for specific amount of time per month associated with our customers’ requirements.

Scope of Work

  • Data Center move and change work (night shifts)
  • Move, add, and change (MAC) work during normal business hours (on call)

The tech’s hours were subject to change on an as needed basis by the company. The tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Server installs
  • Connection and provision of a new circuit
  • Cable location mapping
  • New & existing cable labeling
  • New cable installations
  • Identifying and logging cable connection information into an on-line tracking system

Known as the Largest Global IT Integrator, Comm-Works has the ability to recognize the required criteria for any IT project and customer need.

Results & Value

The solution offered by Comm-Works enabled our customer a cost-effective method in servicing their data center location in Austin, TX. By possessing the capabilities of an on-call technician in Austin the company saves a significant amount of resources.

  • Travel Time
  • Travel Expenses
  • FTE Benefits
  • Productivity

Ultimately, the company now saves more than half of their previous OpEx cost & unmeasurable levels of productivity.

About Comm-Works

With a repeatable project management, deployment and installation process for all of your locations on a national and global scale Comm-Works is a one stop solution to your IT needs. Comm-Works provides 24/7/365 support to over 150,000 customer locations. With 20,000+ technicians worldwide Comm-Works can provide on-site support in 4 hours or less.