Healthcare Services Provider

New Call Center

Project Overview

Industry: Healthcare

Technology: Cabling

Services: Assess, Design, Install, Project Management

Time Frame: 3 Months

Locations: 2

Customer Profile

Healthcare must move at the speed of life. This healthcare customer, the leading provider of products and services supporting the healthcare industry, plays a critical role in the timely delivery of supplies, drugs and management systems to hospitals, pharmacies and physicians worldwide.

Business Drivers

Customer service and communication are critical to this Fortune 500 company’s success. They recognize the important role that its voice and data infrastructure play in efficiently meeting its customers’ needs.

In a move to enhance customer care delivery, this healthcare services provider decided to consolidate various call centers into two centralized facilities. These two centers were designed to incorporate the latest in technology, workspace design and functionality. According to their Manager of Enterprise IT, this was an extremely high-profile project for the organization, with a tight timeframe and zero tolerance for error.

The company called on its long-time infrastructure partner Comm-Works, for the job. “We needed a partner who could provide us with a flagship infrastructure, and we were confident Comm-Works would deliver our vision,” the customer explained. “We’ve worked with other vendors in the past, but no one matches Comm-Works on service and quality.”

Scope of Work

With a no bid contract in hand, the Comm-Works team rolled-up its sleeves and set out to transform a vacated furniture store in Little Rock, Arkansas and a former Wal-Mart in Radcliff, Kentucky into two state-of-the-art call center facilities. The project called for the installation of 2,105 cables in Radcliff and 1,664 cables in Little Rock, in fewer than three months.

The pressure was on. The state-of-the-art centers were among the very first of their magnitude for Comm-Works. The solutions center manager for Comm-Works explained, “We had an established relationship with the customer and an excellent track record with the company, but we knew this project needed to be flawless or it would be our last with the organization.”

Comm-Works began work the same week the project was awarded and immediately connected with the customer to develop a strategy and begin implementation. Together, on the tailgate of a pick-up truck, the two sketched out plans for an overhead tray that would conceal the cabling in the wall-less call centers. With the general contractor hovering over their shoulders in anticipation, the two handed over the plans and the project was underway.

Comm-Works assembled a team of eight subcontractors at each location and began installing the 180 miles of CAT-6 cabling. The first priority of the project was the cabling of temporary training trailers at both locations. These two units provided an exact set up of the systems and equipment being installed in the new facilities, enabling the customer to begin training customer service representatives in time for the centers’ openings. They also created a model for the ensuing work. Within a matter of days Comm-Works had the temporary facilities up and running, setting the tempo for the rest of the rollout.

The project moved rapidly and the Comm-Works team was faced with a variety of obstacles along the way. At the Kentucky site, cabling and carpet were being installed in one half of the building at the same time bulldozers were tearing out the other side. With plastic sheeting in place, the Comm-Works team displayed its flexibility and made adjustments for daily modifications to the infrastructure plan.

“One of the biggest challenges with these rollouts was the constant modifications,” the customer explained. “The plans were continually evolving throughout the entire project, but Comm-Works remained responsive and on deadline throughout the entire process.”

Results & Value

The Comm-Works team worked around the clock to complete the rollout on time and under budget. In order to respond to the evolution of the plans, and deliver a clean installation with flexibility for growth and modifications built in, the Comm-Works team worked long into the nights and during many weekends. “Things tend to get messy when changes are made and before you know it the cabling can look bad,” the customer said. “Multiple changes were made during this rollout, but the cabling still looked fabulous thanks to Comm-Works’ skill and expertise.”

Having constant Comm-Works supervision on the project also provided significant value and headed off potential cost increases. In one instance, Comm-Works was able to stop a contractor from pouring concrete into a cable trough prematurely. Had the action gone unnoticed, the healthcare services provider would have lost many days redoing the cabling and the floor.

Because of the significant onsite project management, the customer was able to save time and complete the projects on schedule. Knowing Comm-Works could be trusted with the details, the process ran smoothly and quickly.

“Comm-Works’ attention to detail is what sets it apart from other vendors,” the customer said. “They are always onsite overseeing the sub-contractors and making sure the job exceeds expectations. No one could have done this job better and we continue to trust Comm-Works as our cabling vendor of choice.”