Global Financial Services Firm


Project Overview

Industry: Financial
Technology: Cisco Wireless
Services: Assess, Design, Install, Project Management
Time Frame: On-Going
Locations: 48 and Counting

Customer Profile

Since 2003, Comm-Works has provided IT support to one of the world’s largest financial service firms, which has assets of $2.3 trillion, operates in 60 countries and employs more than 240,000 people. Comm-Works first began work with this company by completing its new banking center installations in addition to repairs and move/add/change dispatches. The relationship then flourished into a multi-year initiative to upgrade the firm’s network with state of the art data and voice equipment.

Due to an ever-evolving work environment, the company more recently enlisted Comm-Works to design and implement a new wireless network to support greater mobility and increased use of wireless devices such as laptops and tablets. Based on the successful working relationship, the financial services firm was confident in Comm-Works’ ability to successfully implement this wireless network. In turn, Comm-Works designed a solution that not only guarantees wireless coverage free of interference, but also is robust enough to support voice.

Business Drivers

The greatest challenge in deploying wireless LAN technology is assessing the physical environment and designing a solution that meets coverage and traffic needs for individual locations. For this client, it included global locations with multiple floors -- not necessarily consecutive. This challenge was compounded by the stringent compliance and regulatory standards for the financial services industry.

“There are so many complex, moving parts in an organization this size,” states the Comm-Works account manager. “It’s critical to assess and validate the network to ensure a successful installation. With so many locations, each with hundreds of thousands of square feet, our team encountered and adeptly managed a dynamic set of logistical and procedural challenges.”

Scope of Work

Through a comprehensive, multi-step process to evaluate access point placement, interference, noise from neighboring networks and the end-user experience, Comm-Works provided thorough site surveys at nearly 50 of the enterprises’ locations.

With the conclusions derived from the surveys and armed with radio frequency data that determined the best access point coverage, Comm-Works then tapped its resource pool of qualified service partners in over 100 countries. The result was a customized wireless network with over 6,000 Cisco access points, encompassing over 7,000,000 square feet of office space.

Results & Value

Comm-Works acts as an extension of the client’s engineering team to provide a seamless transition to the live network.

“Comm-Works continues to be here at nearly every phase of each installation and provides our IT staff with the knowledge and confidence to manage and maintain the system after implementation,” stated a source from the financial services firm. “They act as a partner in the truest sense throughout the entire design and implementation of this platform.”

To accommodate the organization as it continues to grow and adapt to changing technology, Comm-Works built a wireless assessment and installation process that can be replicated and implemented throughout each new location. This provides critical scalability when additional divisions of the financial services company are ready for the upgrade.