Leading Game Retailer

Executive Summary

Industry: Retail
Technology: POS
Location: Grapevine, TX
Number of Employees: 17,000 FT
Business Challenge: Facing a tight deadline this gaming retailer needed to convert 3600 stores within 6 months to support a merger
Comm-Works Solution: Comm-Works provided integration and installation services with comprehensive project management.
Business Result: Comm-Works completed the 3600 store conversion on time and under budget.

Background Information

This customer is the world’s largest multichannel video game retailer with a network and family of brands that include 6,683 company-operated stores in 17 countries worldwide.

Business Challenge

When two of the nation’s largest game retailers decided to merge, their customers and competitors took notice. A flawless integration was essential to maintain loyal customers and the competitive edge.

Facing a tight deadline, the newly combined organization needed a partner to help with the point-of-sale conversion of its stores into one seamless operation. With two completely different POS systems, the retailer needed to convert 3600 stores onto a single cohesive system within six months. The process was complicated by operations in multiple time zones, as well as significant new game releases, which also affected the conversion schedule.

The Comm-Works Solution

The game retailer called on Comm-Works, its long-time partner for voice and data infrastructure, to spearhead the operation and not miss a beat during the conversion process.

“The merging companies were two extremely popular game retailers, with a devoted customer base. We had to move within strict deadlines to make sure we met the end goal, but didn’t interfere with critical sales days during popular game releases,” the project manager for Comm-Works, explained.

A command center was established at the game retailer’s headquarters. From this central location, the Comm-Works project manager collaborated with the client’s project manager as well as its technology support operations to oversee the entire conversion process. This centralized operation enabled both companies to keep track of any change orders and out-of-scope situations.

To manage the size of the operation and keep the hours of the command center operation reasonable, the conversion was conducted in two phases – stores east of the Mississippi and stores west of the Mississippi.

At each store Comm-Works’ technicians removed the point-of-sale (POS) equipment and sent them back to the game retailer’s IT team who would, in turn, rebuild and re-image the registers before sending them to a different location for Comm-Works’ technicians to reinstall. In order to meet the project completion deadline for each store, impeccable coordination was essential.

“We converted 30-72 stores per night.” the on-site field manager for Comm-Works said. “The flawless coordination between our two companies fast-tracked the success of this project. They really needed us to be an extension of their department and we are proud of the synchronization that took place between their internal IT department and our technicians.”

Initially Comm-Works’ main role in the conversion was to provide the manpower to complete the switching of the POS equipment. As deadlines drew near, there wasn’t enough time to send registers back to their headquarters for configuration. Comm-Works stepped in and took over this step of the process by configuring the registers on-site.

Results & Value

The seamless collaboration between several hundred subcontracted technicians, Comm-Works and the game retailer led to an early completion of the project’s first phase. As for the second phase, although the completion date was reduced by five days mid-project, Comm-Works finished the 3600 store conversion on-time and under budget.

It was Comm-Works flexibility and project management that saved a significant amount of time and kept everyone on schedule.

About Comm-Works

By offering all-encompassing services, Comm-Works is an established industry leader. With 20,000+ technicians worldwide Comm-Works provides 24/7/365 support and on-site capabilities in 4 hours or less. By managing a project from start to finish, Comm-Works ensures all projects are completed on-time and on-budget.