Leading Cinema Group

Executive Summary

Industry: Entertainment
Technology: Cabling, Network Equipment, POS, Timeclock
Location: Knoxville, TN
Number of Employees: Unavailable
Business Challenge: This Cinema Group desired to open 28 acquired theaters in under 2 weeks.
Comm-Works Solution: Comm-Works provided deployment, installation, integration and project management services. The tight deadline required the project to be completed in only 3 unique site visits, including a one day cutover for all locations simultaneously.
Business Result: All 28 theaters were converted in 10 days.

Background Information

This leading Cinema Group operates the largest and most geographically dispersed theatre circuit in the United States, as well as internationally in Guam, Saipan, American Samoa, and the District of Columbia. With 7,394 screens in 580 theaters, their average of 12 screens per location far exceeds the industry average of 6.5 screens.

Business Challenge

With just two weeks before the release of a highly anticipated film, this Cinema Group acquired 28 theaters, spread out along the East Coast. The initial timeline estimated to complete the theater conversion project was 45-60 days. Due to the inconsistency of theater sizes, ranging from 1-3 box office terminals with three concession stations up to 12 box office terminals with 20 concession stands, the plausibility of capturing revenue from this movie release was uncertain. Under a tight deadline, the theater partnered with Comm-Works for our technology integration services and asked for the project to be completed in 10 days.

Comm-Works Solution

This extremely short time frame meant that the execution had to be flawless; any mistake would result in a missed deadline and a large revenue loss for the Cinema Group.

The Comm-Works Project Management Team's first task was to complete the initial pre-work for the project. This entailed site survey, followed by a detailed installation manual for each of the theater environments. The scope of work to be completed was the removal and installation of network equipment and POS hardware. This work was to be completed in ten days with a single cutover, for all 28 sites, simultaneously in one evening. Using our Service Partner Network of qualified technicians, Comm-Works managed and completed this project with three unique site visits for each of the 28 theaters.

The first of the site visits, 1-3 days prior to the cutover, involved the infrastructure of each site. Specifically, Comm-works reconfigured the demarc extension to provide the ideal bandwidth for each of the new locations. The second and third site visits occurred on the day of the cutover. These visits included retrieving previously drop-shipped equipment, reserved for the 28 converted stores, from 20 existing theater locations that were owned by the Cinema Group. This was possible because new site locations were close in proximity to the existing locations, ranging from 5 – 120 miles away. It was critical that business was not interrupted, thus Comm-Works coordinated the equipment to be picked up during off-peak hours between 1:00pm – 5:00 pm.

In order to meet the cutover timeline set to begin at 8:00pm, the equipment had to be delivered to the new site by 6:00pm. Once the equipment was on-site, the lead technician began to install the router, switch, box office and concession POS terminals, back-office PCs and the time clock. Comm-Works also completed testing of all equipment with the Cinema Group. To ensure a smooth cutover, Comm-Works set-up a centralized communication post where it worked remotely with each on-site technician to bring the T1 lines online. By midnight all 28 T1’s were online and Comm-Works had successfully converted each of the 28 theaters.

Results & Value

The seamless collaboration between Comm-Works and the Cinema Group allowed all 28 theaters to be converted within the deadline adding significant business value. Due to the completion of the project, the Cinema Group was ultimately able to benefit from the $100.8 million dollar opening weekend at the box office, which the movie yielded just days after the conversion.

About Comm-Works

By offering all-encompassing services, Comm-Works is an established industry leader in project management & IT services. With 20,000+ Service Partner technicians worldwide Comm-Works provides 24/7/365 support and on site capabilities of 4 hours or less. By managing a project from start to finish, Comm-Works ensures all projects are completed on-time and on- budget.