Automotive Aftermarket Retailer

Executive Summary

Industry: Automotive
Technology: Cabling, Fiber, POS, Cisco VoIP, Wireless, Sound System, Audio Visual
Location: Roanoke, VA
Number of Employees: 55,000+
Business Challenge: This automotive retailer decided to relocate their geographically dispersed executive staff to a single office location.
Comm-Works Solution: Comm-Works took this project through the phases of the Comm-Works service Lifecycle, from implementation to completion.
Business Result: Having a reliable single location has proven to be a cost effective solution. Based on the results of the project, this automotive retailer continuously uses Comm-Works for their projects.

Background Information

This leading automotive aftermarket retailer of replacement parts, accessories, batteries, and maintenance items operates over 3,500 stores. These stores are geographically widespread throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Business Challenge

The automotive retailer decided to relocate their executive staff from geographically dispersed locations to a single office in Minneapolis, MN. The company selected Comm-Works, with headquarters located in Minneapolis, as its partner for the installation. The new location required a complete upgrade to the cabling infrastructure and a telephony platform that would provide the company with increased bandwidth and advanced management capabilities. Not having seen the new location before, the automotive retailer’s engineers relied on Comm-Works to complete an assessment & the design phase of the extensive site survey.

Comm-Works Solution

Comm-Works took this project through the phases of the Comm-Works service Lifecycle, from implementation to completion.

Comm-Works began the project by completing a site survey and wireless assessment. After providing the customer with detailed documentation, Comm-Works collaborated with the customer to analyze the documentation and design a solution that would meet their needs of increased bandwidth and advanced management capabilities. The Comm-Works project manager assigned to the project was actively engaged throughout the project. By participating in weekly on-site construction meetings he became an extension of the customer’s staff.

To ensure a successful project, Comm-Works developed a streamlined process consisting of four phases.

For the project’s first phase, Comm-Works procured, staged and configured the Cisco Unified Communications equipment (IP telephony, routing, switching and wireless) in its state-of-the-art Logistics Center. Upon testing completion, Comm-Works installed the Cisco equipment at the new customer location providing the retailer with a secure, reliable and scalable communications solution.

It was important to the customer that employees could begin working in this new space as soon as possible. To accommodate the customer’s needs, Comm-Works utilized the existing cabling and set-up the first floor and a portion of the second floor as a temporary work area for the company’s employees.

In phase two, Comm-Works completed the existing cable demolition on the 3rd floor and proceeded to install the new Cat6 cabling. Comm-Works also installed the copper and fiber backbone between the first, second and third floor telecom closets. The Cat6 cabling solution offers the flexibility to accommodate the customer’s future technology needs and provides increased reliability for the customer’s existing VoIP technology.

As phase two continued, Comm-Works reconfigured the network equipment room and installed a UPS system. Comm-Works also installed Cisco desk sets, three Cisco switches, paging and sound masking, and wireless sensors and access points throughout the third floor. In addition, Comm-Works installed audio visual solutions for the three third floor conference rooms.

The scope of work for phase three was very similar to that of the second phase, but was slightly larger in scale and was completed on the second floor. In addition to completing the infrastructure upgrade, Comm-Works also worked within tight time frames to move the customer’s staff from the temporary work areas established on the first and second floors to the newly completed third floor. To eliminate any interruption to the customer’s business, the relocation began after hours on Friday and continued through the weekend. This streamlined process ensured the customer’s business would continue to operate uninterrupted on Monday morning with the employees in their new location.

The final phase took place on the first floor and was very similar to the work completed in Phases II and III. In addition to the infrastructure work, Comm-Works designed and installed the audio visual solution in the first floor training room.

To complete the project, the Comm-Works engineer conducted a final on-site wireless survey and worked with the customer’s engineers to fine-tune the wireless outputs.

Results & Value

Comm-Works supplied the customer with a reliable and cost-effective solution that provided the automotive retailer with the advanced management capabilities and flexibility they required. Our active involvement helped to ease the burden on the automotive retailer’s internal IT team and allowed them to focus on more important business tasks. Thus, significantly reducing the management overhead to ensure that the project was being done on time and on budget.

With the success of this project, Comm-Works has created a lasting relationship with the automotive retailer and has since been selected to complete the cabling infrastructure for the company’s new corporate headquarters.

About Comm-Works

By offering all-encompassing services, Comm-Works is an established industry leader. With 20,000+ technicians worldwide Comm-Works provides 24/7/365 support and on-site capabilities in 4 hours or less. By managing a project from start to finish, Comm-Works ensures all projects are completed on-time and on-budget.