Large Arts & Crafts Retailer

Project Overview

Industry: Retail
Technology: Cabling, POS, Phone System, Servers, Computers, Sound Systems, Time Clocks, Energy Management
Services: Warehouse, Stage, Configure, Deploy, Implement, Support, Project Management
Time Frame: On-Going
Locations: 1,100

Customer Profile

Large big box retailer with over 1100 specialty stores in 48 states and Canada.


When opening new locations and completing store remodels, Michaels Stores, Inc. was experiencing a large number of out-of-the-box failures on certain newer technologies, as well as spending unnecessary time downloading customer-specific software onto servers for testing. This was creating a logistical concern for the retailer due to the significant number of new locations they need to open every month to stay on schedule.


Comm-Works has managed all of Michaels new store set-ups and remodels since 1998. Due to this longstanding relationship, we were approached to review the retailer’s new store deployment and technology upgrade procedures. We examined how they were currently managing their assets and upgrading technologies in the field. Together, we determined that Michaels could reduce operational expenses by utilizing Comm-Works for all their staging and warehousing requirements.

Results & Value

Comm-Works now houses over $20 Million of inventory for Michaels, reducing operational expenses by 20%. We stage and test every piece of hardware that is installed in every store, and download all required software 4 weeks ahead of the scheduled store opening. These processes, combined with rigorous preand post-installation testing, have resulted in a 95% reduction in out-of-the-box failure rates at our customer sites.

Comm-Works technicians also install phone systems, POS systems, back-office servers, PC’s, sound systems, cabling and time clocks, as well as many additional services when needed. Comm-Works has warehoused, configured, shipped and installed over 4000 computers, 900 IBM POS machines, and over 950 wireless time clocks, phone line sharing devices, and energy management units.

Impressed by our proven history of service, Michaels signed a service agreement with Comm-Works under which we will complete all new store installations and remodels. All of the remodels are completed after hours. Comm-Works completely removes and installs the phone systems, computers and POS terminals from 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m., so no store is ever offline during normal business hours.

Through constant communication, strategic planning, impeccable execution, and superior customer service, Comm-Works has gained the trust of Michaels, and has become a valued business partner.