Architectural, Engineering and Consulting Firm

Project Overview

Industry: Construction
Technology: Cabling, Data Equipment, Paging
Services: Assess, Design, Deploy, Install, Project Management
Time Frame: On-Going
Locations: 50

Customer Profile

This customer is one of the largest and most respected architectural engineering companies, employing more than 8,000 professionals in more than 185 locations worldwide.

Business Drivers

This requires strategically placed offices, throughout the globe, to support their expanding business. In addition, most newly awarded projects require the customer to place a team of skilled professionals on-site to ensure projects are completed successfully. As a result, the architectural, engineering and consulting firm opens, expands or remodels approximately 50 offices each year. With multiple projects awarded at a time, and some with extremely compressed time frames, the customer required a partner that could manage multiple areas within each project while also adhering to critical project schedules and standards.

In addition, having experienced the angst of working with multiple vendors and local technicians, the customer desired a partner that would provide superior and consistent installations throughout North America and abroad. The firm found such a partner in Comm-Works.

Scope of Work

Since 2006, the customer has relied on Comm-Works to install their entire cabling infrastructure, including the server room build-out, for each new project. Recently, Comm-Works completed over 48 projects for the customer, ranging from 9 to 482 users per location.

Together, these projects consist of over 650 overhead paging speakers and over 6,600 Cat6 cables, equal to about 225 miles of cable.

Comm-Works also provides this architectural, engineering and consulting firm with pre-project planning and design support, along with advice on new product and equipment selections to meet the customer’s growing technology needs.

Results & Value

With the help of Comm-Works, this customer is able to more quickly pursue their overall mission, which is to be a superior professional firm known for vision, value and service to their clients.

Comm-Works is a valued business partner to this firm due to its constant communication, strategic planning, impeccable execution and superior customer service.